Welcome to Casablanca Morocco! This is
the largest city in Morocco situated on the coast we’re gonna check out one of
the largest mosques hassan ii and the city and nightlife let’s go check it out
upon entering casablanca we got caught up in a little bit of a sandstorm.
With close to 7 million people living in the city of Casablanca the demographics
are quite diverse Migrants from sub Saharan countries or form Syria also there’s a thriving migrant community as well as Arab Berber
and some Europeans This is the American consulate Look at the American flag American Flag. All embassies in Rabat, consulates in Casablanca. This is the first rain since May. [music] I am a Casablanca, we’ve just
reached the coast this is the Atlantic coast on the other side you will reach Florida from here. There’s tons of beach clubs. Look at all these beach clubs! That is the Atlantic ocean and it’s very rough here, in fact they have kite sailing here. now
time to tour hassan ii mosque this is the tallest minaret mosque in the world This is the entrance to the mosque. We had to remove our shoes in order to get in
you can take as many photos as you want Look at the architecture Lighting is so cool. This is the prayer room. Done by
hand so we choose the best craftsman to come you
were imported from Italy the ceiling opens in five minutes
and that pieces matter so I’m under the mezzanine this is where the women go
this is one of the few mosques that men and women can tour the mosque is very grandiose inside and
25,000 people can receive prayer in here is part of the custom in Islam to come
here remove your shoes wash your feet and also bring your own personal carpet (prayer rug). Wash before praying, have to do step by step. starting with the name of God and they need to wash three times my hand three times Why three times? This is what they have told us – the Prophet. Three times your hand After the hand, three times the mouth three times
then my nose three times my face three times my right arm and to the elbow
three times and then the left one three times. Only one times my head.
So our guide explained that some people they live in the Sahara and they don’t
have access to water in that case they can use sand to wash their hands and
feet he also said if you don’t wash
correctly then your prayer is not accepted. Mike what do you think about
the mosque in Casablanca? Hmm… Grandiose? Very big. Yes very big. here’s the skyline of Casablanca it’s
got kind of faded grandeur similar to Havana to its heyday back in movie era, it’s actually the 70th or 75th anniversary (correct me if I’m wrong in the comments) of the movie Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart. first rain since May and guess what It’s the end of November. First rain since may. today storm clouds rolled in and they’re
expecting rain tonight this is the largest minaret without going here
this is his old town man Casablanca it’s not safe
lots of drug dealers and lots of pick pockets a lot of illegal migrants also
that’s why it’s better to not come here time to check into our hotel the Kenzi
Basma this is our room in Casablanca we got three beds he’s watching The Smurfs
with Arabic subtitles building to the left, buildings to the front, and buildings to the right trying to cross the street during rush
hour in Casablanca we made it! it’s like playing Frogger he said 10-minute walk this ain’t no
10-minute walk no crosswalks We’re trying to go here to SKY 28 Cheers! Casablanca Bp what just happened? Well all these restaurants in Morocco they don’t start serving dinner until 7:30PM so you have to account for that and we have a flight that leaves early in the morning and it would be nice to eat a little earlier But that’s the way it is here in Morocco. we hope that you enjoyed this tour of
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