Casita Travel Trailer Tour – Affordable Fiberglass Fun! 4k UHD

hello this is Jesus Manuel Mena Garza
of Fort Worth Texas yesterday I had the great opportunity to go to the
facilities of Casita travel trailers just down the road in Rice Texas took
about an hour and 15 minutes to drive down there I had a great time looking at
all their fiberglass travel trailers that they make it all in-house the frames the
fiberglass shell and the furniture they put it all together there and there
again then the facilities in Rice Texas they have deluxe models with bathrooms
and standard models without bathrooms if you have any questions about purchasing
or about the products you can always call Harold Clemens at Casita! I’m not getting any cash any benefit any
perks by producing this video it’s all just for fun I’m that monetized by
YouTube I don’t even get any money for collect clicks that you’re by checking
out the video it’s all just again for fun this is the liberty deluxe edition I
have a lot of options on these units so I would recommend contacting caseta if
you have any questions this unit again is essentially two shells they put
together these two fiberglass shells and they just attach in the middle there
with this aluminum ribbon then inside they attach yeah that’s a foam back or
carpet and use that as insulation as the bathroom window by the way and then on
that they attach the cabinets also really interesting construction it’s not
your typical box that you make in Elkhart Indiana
this is actually something that’s gonna last you a lifetime there’s a city water
connection and down there are the the dump valves where you can dip the black
and the gray they use Goodyear tires some Chinese uh
25 $35 Chinese are a bit more pricey and they have eazy lube hubs there so
it makes your life a lot easier so you will have any problems going down the
road that’s where you put your 30 amp power cord it’s attached
you only have one battery but you have the option to get a better battery it’s
one of the things I would like to recommend to Casita in the future
maybe add a couple batteries back there it’s just not just one today is the age
of using all these electronics we need more energy
we need more battery space there’s the AC unit on top the AC unit has a heating
element so that’s a positive it’s eaten there and it’s plugged into Shore power there’s another view of the AC unit and
also the manual awning the bumper could hold about and come but
I heard about a hundred pounds it’s connected a poor points to the frame so
it’s rather sturdy moves the tire and spare tire attached to the back I went inside and got a better view of
this storage area now we’re back to shooting it outside there are a lot of windows on this
Casita that’s a definite benefit you won’t feel claustrophobic I’m very
comfortable in this warm and fuzzy little travel trailer there’s one step
that you can manually use to get in and out use a metal hardware to attach your
door there’s a level again little hardware not the plastic that can break
good quality if you’re attached to shore power or
have a generator be it a solar generator or gas-powered generator or even a
propane generator you get an AC power through those plugs there is no inverter
inside nothing to invert the 12-volt that single batteries power to you know
a seed or 110 power a lot of LED lights in and out a positive handle to get
inside Casitas only common one color guess what
it’s white will be like white there you see the optional tongue jack and the two
20-pound propane tanks plenty of room inside for me I’m only 5 10 cent you
have cushions here this is the tan or earth tone interior again this is all
just fiberglass and this wood this composite wood with uh this veneer of
oak sort of oak looking thing I don’t know if that’s real oak and they make it all
in-house I use the same wood for the doors and the drawers etc they’ve got
some really nice faucets in the kitchen I wish they had better faucets in the
bathroom there’s the water pump stainless steel top of the line I think
it’s better than plastic or the composite or the American stone cast again I’m showing a switch so I’d get
dizzier campus all the cabinets are pretty much all the same they’re shaped
a little concave shape and can’t go back very far they only go back about a foot
and back to get a little narrow so you have to be very creative in the way you
store stuff but you have a lot of cabinets and you can put a lot of
clothes things that are flexible umbrellas and your pots and pans have to
look down in the gorge below they use the same latches as Airstream that they
used a couple years ago I think you still use those at Airstream I have
since decided I cannot forward afford an Airstream kept under the 60 70 $80,000
because it’s better spent so much to see what stocks and bonds and all the other
stuff that I have just leave it there interesting it’s been going like cash in
a expensive Airstream these things only go for you know around $20,000 in the
last anymore you have a lot of options Vikram there’s still three burner stove
suburban but no oven there’s a little rack there we put your towel we invent probably for the motor or
something or some device that line good light and hood fan we’ve seen it here
trying to show you everything and these are those drawers where you put your
pots and pans they definitely won’t fit up in those cabinets this is that
mystery wood I’m trying to figure out what it is it’s laminated and some sort
of composite chipboard or some type I don’t know what it is
hopefully it lasts a while these Casitas are well known for being and they have a
cult following or being very very reliable and I’m gonna open up another
drawer for you in fact I’ll probably open most of them for you and down there they got some space where
you put some larger pieces of equipment your big crab pots or crock pots you’re
muy grande pots your gigantic pots but of all down there those really operating instructions and how to turn off gas to appliances good to know good place too there we go snapping it shut there’s a mirror on the door to the
bathroom here I go inside the white bathroom it’s all white again I wish
they added others where you put your toilet paper in a little dry space
I wish to use chrome fixtures so it’ll be nice deviated from the normal here so
a nice chrome fall right there because that’s one of the things I would do
first about buff this you can put a chrome faucet there just to add a little
sparkle this is a similar design as the Airstreams and again I’ve seen quite a few Airstreams the fan there pops out to get some nice ventilation in the bathroom one shelf and below that there is another shelf this is again a wet bath yes duh
there’s the wand for your shower has on/off switch you can upgrade that of
course to something shiny and fabulous that’s the where the shower curtain
rather flimsy so you got to be careful not to break that immediately and they
got the internal pipe there you got a pipe there going up and you know it’s a
you can see if their case you need to repair it it’s pretty easy huh there’s a
light and the window to the exterior and you have a little storage space down
there and there’s the plastic toilet and around the toilet they have this little
seam that collects dirt and debris and grime that you’re have to clean up every
time you go on but you have to come back on vacation getting your hands and knees
and use a toothbrush a little scrub brush and clean it all up Thetford I
heard about them a good brand it was attached oh that little scene
down there it’s a fuzzy shot it’s a foot flush toilet (amazing!) and that area we can put some soaps
shampoos conditioners scrub brushes etc etc this is probably the longest time
you seen a bathroom in a RV and ever finally getting out of there we can put
the towels etc again the doors the drawers are making the same wood in the
same design and cut for the same wooden panels carpeting it’s all backed by a
bout of 3/8 of an inch of polyurethane foam and glued to the walls and it can
trim on it contours very easily to the fiberglass so that’s the only insulation
again is carpet and the polyurethane foam there’s some odds and ends in there
tools knickknacks things that you need a fire
extinguisher good stuff where you can put some items your choice
because there’s a lot of areas here that you put stuff and talk to the wife the
husband the partner the family and say hey look what we’re gonna put what and
we’re gonna put it this is where you put this this box here’s where you typically
can put a microwave they said they can sell you one for 200 bucks so you can
buy our land microwave for 50 100 150 bucks you get your choice there’s a plug
inside and ventilation on both sides and you could not use it for a microwave you
could just store stuff because it’s already carpeted it’s nice and fuzzy in
there has that fuzzy whitish carpet with a foam backing and again there’s a bit there’s the plug two of them and as I
open up the cabinet above it you can see what play is attached you don’t try to
hide things here especially at this price point there’s interior of another
cabinet they’re all pretty much same there’s I plug back side of that plug
these latches are pretty solid I had no problems with these latches just press
and pop up press and unlock them the cabinets go all the way around and
of course this the shape of the Casitas is round so you can’t put you know
square cabinets in these things like they do in Elkhart Indiana to all those
other manufacturers of travel trailers for the box of the
Luan or the Luan boxes they sell down there some have Azdel which is a nice upgrade great big windows that’s a big back window I must admit
and there’s the AC unit with all the gages on it you can modify it and up
ahead is this very very nice fan I really appreciate this fan this is high
quality fan and can control that I think remotely or with no little buttons here
I’m just gonna press the button here it opens up the cover and there you go A+! open up all those windows and all
those windows open whide they are not those jealousy type windows which open
up just a tiny bit but are very fashionable these are very functional
they open up all the way you can get as much ventilation as you want and there’s
a little 13-inch TV if you’re used to your 60 70 inch at home this is gonna be a
disappointment but it’s what fits in the space that’s all you can put in there if
you put a 70-incher in there it’s going to block the whole wall the tilt
suggests very nice yes, I’m going to open up more cabinets Ay Yi Yi there is one of the detectors and this is a
Dometic refrigerator and it’s a very nice unit it’s four cubic feet and has
drawers on the side an area we can put your milk and of course an area on top
which is a freezer yes oh yeah both the freezer and a refrigerator it’s a AC and
propane powered and of course I’m a big fan of ac/dc refrigerators because they
use very low amperage so you can power them with a couple batteries but since
this thing only has one battery it might be a little tough so to me this is an AC
propane refrigerator again I’m showing you all the windows one of the big
selling points of this Casita here’s a fabric they offer to the left
there the slate to the right that tan earth-tone and the interior this unit is
tan earth-tone very nice and this is the suburban heating element heating unit
controls for the heating unit thermostat that’s what I was going to say enough
thermostat may have venetian blinds all the way around
l’addition blinds you don’t have to deal with those little strings for the other
types of blinds left here they have some storage and that’s a water tank also so
I don’t know if this that’s – that’s a water tank yeah definitely and it might
be the gray tank and to the right there you got some some electronics equipment
it looks like when you get down to the Casita store you can ask what is this
stuff what does it do
you can ask about all the options you can option this thing out to your
heart’s content and then a few months later several months later you’ll have
your own personal Casita Here I am putting together the bed and see my rear
end there I apologize I’m gonna make it as quick as possible you can make it
either make the bed like that but those that front kitchens and and leave the
back just that front section as a as a dinette if you wish while you travel so
you can have a little dinette in the front and the back section could be the
bed or you can make the whole thing up and make a rather large bed so you can
take off that cushion just make it into a you know a dinette on the left to right again
the back section will be a bed it’s up to you what you want to do and put a
little table there or you can make the whole thing a large sofa here it is a
large sofa and there you are the left side I put the cushions in a certain way
I put the small cushion over there and on the other side I put the small
cushion to my right against that wall so I I imagine myself leaning back watching
that 13 inch TV enjoying myself at a campsite … wonderful! this table rotates around this is the
one you would use for the dinette if you stuff the other part is in bed and it’s
very functional of course I had to take off the table
and show you the components cuz I’m a very nosy guy and there it is it’s very
shiny some of the components are made in China but all the manufacturing of the
fiberglass shell making of the cabinet’s the sales staff the other products and
equipment are made in the United States but they do have a couple odds and ends
that I made across the ocean this is the spirit deluxe their most popular model
has a little dinette and a bed back there the oven and the microwave is in this
unit so the micro is right there that little empty space actually saw the
previous unit so the (microwave) oven is on the left side not the right side like the
previous unit st. there to storage underneath and this converts to a single
bed this is the freedom deluxe and as these two very cozy little chairs it was
a tight fit for me but it works I’m 5 feet 10 175 pounds of goodness here I
am contemplating my future future on the YouTube and my life in general and Fort
Worth Texas again those are the cabinets down there the independence deluxe is
another model you can configure this many different
ways that has plenty of storage underneath it’s one of the benefits of
this unit a lot of storage underneath this is in the slate interior and the appliances are similar to the what
the first travel trailer I showed you where where they’re located there’s a
plug two plugs near the door entrance and of course they do sell solar panels
and they sell for I think six seven hundred bucks I know I forgot the price
but they’re pretty pricey ain’t in there your standards zamp solar panels and they
have different options for that this is how you put up and take down
your awning it’s it’s a manual operation shouldn’t be too difficult for most of
us and it’s a nice blue color I really like that color it’s quite pretty so
here we are at Casita travel trailers I greatly appreciate you checking out my
video I enjoyed my time down there they’re very very nice people and very
professional and I’d like to thank you for checking out a video don’t forget to
like subscribe and share gracias adios bye bye!


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