Celine Dion ‘escaped’ Vegas with Courage world tour

I finally made it back home to Canada
and it feels just fantastic.>>>>I had actually somehow never seen
Celine Dion live and I think it was very difficult to be unmoved by the sheer
amount of emotion she had, the love for her fans. The effort she put into her
singing which is beautiful and her voice is still as clear as a bell and I think
with a lot of fans pointed out, and I had not necessarily thought of she’s also
really funny. I guess that’s the one thing that a longtime residency in Vegas
gives you, is that you become like a full entertainer that you have to really give
it to the audience in terms of the jokes, in terms of be very open showmanship
that it’s more than just the vocal performance and I think that’s the
growth in her that I had not necessarily anticipated I want to give our viewers a
little bit of a taste of that she referred by the way she had to kind of
back-to-back residencies in Las Vegas, so she was there for a really long time
like over a decade between the two together. Here’s how she eluded to that
have a listen. They locked me up in the Nevada desert, I don’t know but it’s okay. I
escaped. And I finally made it back home to Canada. See that’s what I mean that I think that when I
think of her from the 90s performing the song from Titanic or you know Olympics
in the 80s and so on she’s sort of very prim and proper standing in one spot
really focusing her on her vocal delivery. Now there’s like this kind of a
looseness and warmth and showmanship, as you said that I don’t think was there
before which is really kind of interesting. And really a Canadian icon
when we think about all of the artists coming from Canada – who’ve had this
kind of staying power right, and are adorded internationally.
Exactly and I think her audience has just grown because what I
saw in the audience is not surprisingly there was a lot of women,
was a lot of couples but there were a lot of younger people, there were people
whose parents listened to her who had now come around with their parents there
are people maybe my age who were a little bit of too embarrassed to admit
that they were listening to her in the 90s, no I’m listening to Pearl Jam not
Celine Dion but who actually know all the songs, so I think it was quite a wide
demographic and I got a chance to speak to some of those fans here’s how they
describe their love for Celine. She sings. She’s this ultimate performer. She
doesn’t need an act to back her up like she just it’s a voice, it’s her. So
amazing, absolutely amazing. I started following her since I was 7 years old
so I definitely grew up with her. The Celine we see now for us in Quebec has
always been the Celine that was always there. I think the rest of the world is
finally just catching up. That guy had seen her 49 times. Wow! And he’s going
again tonight so that’ll be 50 times. So if you really want analysis ask him. So now in terms of she did the Vegas residency of course we all
remember her from Titanic she’s had tons of albums but she hasn’t been even
though you may not have seen her in the spotlight she hasn’t been sitting idle.
No not at all so I think a lot of her fans know that obviously the death of
Rene Angelil three years ago in 2016 was a huge blow to her, they had been
together forever, he managed really steered her career as well as being her
romantic partner for all these years. They had kids and somehow last year she
really seemed to come out of this grief, and mostly how that manifested itself is
like she kind of became a fashion plate at the age of 50, she’s 51 now. Suddenly
she was front row at all the Paris fashion shows. She is a spokesmodel
for L’Oreal, which is I just think so amazing to see a Canadian woman in her
50s get this coveted deal. So she kind of rebranded herself and became something
different this kind of fashion persona, there are memes about her. There’s sort
of cool young girls on Instagram who follow her, and then of course there is
the new album called ‘Courage’ and I think one thing we’ve learned about this is
that even though she’s enjoying a new cool, the new album is not doing so well
last week it premiered at number one at Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. This week it
plummeted to number 111, that is actually the set a
record for the most precipitous drop of a former number one, so not a record you
want to set as an artist but I think not to feel too badly for Celine this tour
is doing really well, it’s made more than forty million dollars Canadian since
September, and it goes on and on and on, much like her heart, and on until September 2020. So I saw
last night a real vibrancy, a real joy about being on the road again, and I
think her fans are just soaking it up.>>>>>>


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