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Certified Travel Agent Certification what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and today we’re gonna talk about a certified travel
agent certification so you serious about the travel industry and you want to
become certified are you trying to get pointed in the right direction so listen
up I got a quick tip I want to share with so you can do all this on your own
if you want but you’re gonna be spending you with little she might get
overwhelmed but you don’t know which direction to take okay so but this is
what I recommend going I recommend partnering with a host
agency okay this is what I did because I was new to the travel industry I partner
with this opportunity and it has been amazing as many blessings because
everything that I didn’t know about the travel industry I now know a lot of the
courses that I took to further my education but good think about it guys
you can immediately come into this house agency and partner with it and Amelia
have access to vendors immediately built travel for your friends family clients
however and I earn commissions right Certified Travel Agent Certification away you can do this in the same day
so just by partnering and enrolling with the coast agency company okay you start
your travel business right away there’s no need to wait to get certified
like that however we do have tons of certification courses and training to
further your education okay so this is what I recommend doing guys partner with
the house agency because all the pieces of the puzzle dealing with the travel
industry is all upon the one umbrella your one-stop shop okay to learn about
the travel industry so if there’s something that you’re serious about
doing and you’re trying to see which direction to take to become a certified
travel agency the quickest and easiest way is to partner with a host agency
that I’m about to recommend so make sure you say – in this video so I’m gonna put
you guys on a presentation where you can learn more about this fabulous
opportunity all you gotta do is enroll get started and you can immediately book
travel have access to your own website everything our Commission’s today okay
so that’s the good thing about a guide Certified Travel Agent Certification you immediately become certified there’s
no waiting period however like I said there’s a tons of ongoing training to
further education about the travel industry as well as further your
education of different vendors flights like I said Cruise Lines all the major
vendors Disney whatever you want to do guide you can you can brand yourself you
can do if you just want to be a cruise person cruise agent hey you can do that
you know be creative you know that’s training on every single vendor
everything you need to know in the travel industry and you can like I said
get certified right away you know you because you fall up under the host
agency um grub all the lid work has been done for you so why wait
get started today guys get started so you don’t have to wait and wait on this
big certificate to come in the May I know you automatically partner with the
host agency you mean to have access to book driver right away so I hope this
makes sense so if you want to learn more about this fabulous opportunity feel
free to click the link below this video watch this presentation learn more
partner with this partner with our team you have 10 support you won’t be in this
by yourself you can always reach out to us you meet a ton of support we’ve got a
support group everything you need so click the link below this video watch
the presentation I will see you guys on the other side alright guys feel free to
leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll see you guys on the
other side alright be glancin Certified Travel Agent Certification

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