Certified Travel Agent Course – Travel Agent Benefits & Certifications!

certified travel agent course what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and today we’re gonna talk about certified travel agent
course okay and do you need to take a course to become certified alright and
to that point you don’t have to take a course to become certified especially
when you’re partnering with a host agency especially if you’re new to the
travel industry industry I recommend partnering with the host
agency and here’s why as soon as you enroll and partner with the house agency
you immediately become certified because you fall upon their own trouble do you
want to do all this on you no no you don’t want to research and pull all the
pieces of the puzzle together and try to find the different courses you don’t
have to our big guys partner with the host agency start your own travel
business and start making money right certified travel agent course away guys so once you enroll today okay
you can immediately book travel and hung commissions right away there is no
waiting however yes we have tons of training courses that you can take to
further your travel education something to make sure that your clients have the
best travel experience get the best travel rates different business have all
major vendors that you have access to point you in the right direction step by
step everything is laid out and it’s something that you can do quickly and
easily from the comfort of your own home so guys start your home-based travel
business like the best time to do it right now because the Internet the in
leg is so big and vast with clients guys it’s you can book people internationally
globally globe we have a global business okay and that’s why I recommend
partnering with the host agency so state make sure you stay to the end this video
I’m gonna share a presentation with you to kind of educate you on the host
agency that I’m a part of and it helps certified travel agent course me to help me launch my travel business
tremendously because like I said when I first started I didn’t know anything
about the tribe industry I did but due to all the ongoing education that they
had in the back office that you would have access to soon as you enroll you
you have the best tribal education in the top of line that’s top of line and
then it will point you in the right direction so don’t worry about spinning
your wheels trying to do all the stuff on your own partner with the
professionals get plugged in and learn and learn as you go okay guys so there
are courses that you can take to enhance your travel agent experience and the
hands-on education but is it recommend it you know acquire me no no you gotta
do is enroll and start earning money right away today however do I recommend
and learn and get all going down the road yes you won’t do some ongoing
education you do have access to that every single day we have webinars we
have calls all the major cruise lines flights all the other vendors have
courses that you can take to make sure your clients have the best
travel experience possible so guys you want assets to different to
different courses and trainings I recommend partnering with this house
anything that I better share with you so this is what you need to do right now
click the link below this video watch certified travel agent course this presentation and it should point
you in the right direction and show you how you can get started today and start
your own travel business have your own website up and running in minutes and
start booking your friends and family and accept all right so if you want to
learn more watch their presentation by clicking this link below feel free to
leave a comment if you got any questions I would love to reach out to you all men
you meet them so uh hey that’s not like that so watch that presentation I will
see you on the other side alright happy marketing and be blessed free to travel
agents certified travel agent course

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