CGRundertow PICNIC WARS HD for iPad Video Game Review

You know what’s a lot more fun than eating
your vegetables? Launching them at your sister from across the table. Until we have a game
that recreates that experience, you have two options. One, you can download Picnic Wars
HD for the iPad, which comes closer than anything else. Or two, you can just pelt your sister
with tomatoes. Although choosing the latter may have more
consequences, it’s also more fun. Picnic Wars HD pits fruits and vegetables
in an all-out culinary war. Apparently, the seeds for this war were planted long ago,
and the resulting conflict stems from their inability to…decide which team gets the
tomato. I don’t know, I just wanted to make some puns. The point is, it’s a battle to
see which side will squash the other. The squashing part is actually quite literal.
You play by launching your crop at the enemy base, and the objective is to destroy all
the bad guys. They usually hide away in towers or behind walls, so you might have to damage
to the structure before you have a clear shot. Or you can just hit some TNT and blow up the
whole damn thing. The choice is yours, but once you’re out of seeds, you’re out of
ammunition. Fortunately, you can replenish your seeds
by hitting bags that are scattered inside the enemy base. There are also bags of money,
which you can use to upgrade your veggie launchers. And you can collect this stuff by hitting
them with your projectiles. The catch, obviously, is that it wastes what quickly becomes valuable
ammunition, so there’s an aspect of strategy to this, as well. So the structure is definitely in place for
a great game, but unfortunately, Picnic Wars never quite gets there. For starters, the
game feels really slow. You have to wait for your projectile to hit, watch the carnage…it
takes some time before you can go again, and the waiting does have a cumulative effect
that tends to drag things down. The game doesn’t control all that well,
either. You launch by tapping the weapon you want to use and then tapping a launcher, which
you drag into position. But you never get quite the same satisfying feel you get from
similar games. Moving the camera is also a bit clunky, and the viewpoint can make it
tough to pick the right launcher. This isn’t a bad game, by any means. Fans
of games like Angry Birds and Coco Loco should also enjoy this one, just not as much. Picnic
Wars HD is a decent food fight, but it never quite ripens.


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