Changsha Tour with Dove – The International 2019

Hello, everyone! What took you so long? The traffic. Where are we right now? This was the Internet Cafe we
used to train at, called Xin Yu. We’ve been chatting here. Let’s take a look at it. The Internet Cafe is supposed to be in here. – This place has changed a lot.
– Probably the Internet Cafe is not here anymore. Let’s ask around and see if it’s still here. Have you heard of Xin Yu Internet Cafe upstairs? It has been demolished. She says it’s been demolished. – Really?
– Yes. Were you training here or what? Yes, we were. The owner was a Dota player. He was very kind. He heard that we didn’t have computers
for training and he offered us 5 for free. He said, “Feel free to use them
whenever you want.” He even offered us free meals. The Internet Cafe is nowhere to be found.
Neither is the owner. I’ve wanted to come back
and show him my gratitude. To be honest, this Internet Cafe is
where our Dota careers originated. The story hasn’t really been told.
It hasn’t been made public. Let’s look for the hotel we used to stay at. I’m not sure if it’s still there. It’s still here. This should be the place.
7 Days Inn. We were staying here. One guy on our team lived in Changsha. I was going to school so I could
usually stay at my dorm. The Inn’s room only had one small bed,
and the other three guys had to share it. When we ran out of money,
we would sleep at the Internet Cafe. We would only go to a hotel if we really had to. We’d get a shower, have a good sleep,
then return to the Internet Cafe the next day. Then we would be able to keep
practicing for 24 hours or more. Did your family know you were doing
this while you were still a student? They knew, but the didn’t want me to play Dota. I remember when I was little,
I would wait until my dad fell asleep, then I would go to net cafe and play all night. There was one time, at around 2 or 3 AM. My dad suddenly appeared in front of me, and he gave me a pat on the shoulder. When I turned my head and looked,
I got so scared it felt like my soul escaped. I remember clearly when I was
following my dad back home my legs were shaking so hard. Back then I waited until my parents fell asleep. Then I would stuff the pillow under the quilt and pretend that I was sleeping. Then I would go to the net cafe
and stay up all night playing. I’d come back home in the morning
and go straight to school. When did your parents change their attitude? Parents eventually learn to respect
their kids’ decisions. In the past they thought I was just
playing the game for fun. they didn’t realize I had dreams and goals. Then when I made a living playing pro, they finally recognized my profession. They realized that the path I chose is the right one
and my perserverance and hard work paid off. Dota as a game can bring many people together. It gathers all kinds of people
and lets them get to know each other. This is the real charm of the game.

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