CHez Brendan: A tour of Brendan Gallagher’s house (Habs Cribs)

Hey, it’s Brendan Gallagher. Bienvenue CHez moi. Alright, welcome guys. I’m going to take you through my house. Uh, this is my third year living here. Um, you know, I’m a pretty big fan of it. I hope you guys enjoy it. I guess we’ll start here. I bought this at our team golf tournament. Actually, I’ve… you know, since I’ve been a little kid…
big fan of Muhammad Ali. Um, you know, the first book I read was about him. I’ve always just been pretty fascinated by
his stories. And I’ve got some team pictures here. I’ve got some of them here, some of them are
back at my place in Vancouver. Right here we’ve got a jersey from the Winter Classic game. I got all the guys that we played with to
sign it. Uh, this is probably my favorite thing that
I have in my house. This was a gift from my parents. These two… These are my four grandparents sitting here. And then you have all the Habs legends, and
there’s a couple cool… They put Bobby Orr up here, but they gave
him a red scarf like he’s cheering for the Habs. They gave my grandpa a red tie, so it’s… It’s pretty cool. You know, three of my grandparents have passed
away. My grandma is the only one I have left, so
it’s pretty cool to look at, and… and, you know,
kind of think that they’re always watching. Um, you know, I got a couple of these helmets
laying around. It’s just a Brett Favre. I collect a lot of weird stuff. Um, anyone who’s, you know, done anything
pretty cool in sports, I just try to collect. I’ve got a… you know, someone who can get
me these things, so it’s pretty cool. Um, my popcorn machine. My dad bought me that when I first got my place, and it gets a lot of use. Uh, this is when guys come over. This is pretty much what we do. We hang out, play some cards and sit in front
of the TV. It’s actually my dinner table. It’s got things that go over top, but I couldn’t
even tell you where the top of it is. It never gets put on. We’re just playing cards, and sit at the couch
if we’re going to eat. I don’t know what’s in here. I just had my sister and her boyfriend and my cousin, so… All the… All the beer… I made sure they got Molson
beer though. Um, it’s pretty full. I don’t know… They… They feed us at the rink actually a lot, so
I don’t actually have to buy much. I’ve got some… Some water, some watermelon. Um, meat and potatoes. Some fruit down here. I can’t cook. I do it…
I do it on the barbecue. I’m not the greatest, but I cook what I like,
and it’s a meat and potato kind of diet. This is my mum’s favorite thing. It gets pretty cold, here, but this thing’s nice. So it… You turn it on, and it’s actually got heat
that comes out of it too. You can turn it on and it gets pretty hot,
so… It’s nice to have. This is uh… This is my gaming chair right here. I just got into Call of Duty recently. I never played in my life, and I am… I am the worst. Oh no!
Oh no! Agh, so close! [Are you dead already?] Yeah I died. There’s a bunch of kids that live in the neighborhood
over there, and… Well, they don’t do it now, but in the
summer when they’re playing street hockey, they come and knock on my glass, and I go
play with them a little bit. Yeah, there’s about six of them. They’re pretty… pretty funny kids, so. Um, you know, it’s nice to sit out there. Obviously it’s… it’s winter now, but you
have the patio furniture, you can sit out there, the barbecue, it’s… pretty nice in
the summer time to relax. Yeah, this is the spare bathroom. It’s probably a little bit more clean. There’s… There’s not much to it. Um, and then the spare room’s in here. These were… I don’t even know where I got these things
from, but Nate’s dog Joey Buds, he used to always come over and he liked to play with
these monkeys, so I kept them around. He used to rip them… I don’t know how they stayed together though. His…
His dog, uh, wasn’t the best behaved. No, they’re pretty intact. I…
I mean his dog’s awesome, but… Behavior-wise…
A little bit tough to… Tough to be around. And then there’s the upstairs. You know, like I was saying, I enjoy collecting
random sports stuff. I got Barry Sanders, Joe Montana jerseys that
are signed. And here’s my Jays stuff. I got my Tulo jersey, Donaldson,
and then Stroman’s up here. I think Stroman wrote something about being
a Leafs fan on it. These dogs I got from La Ronde. They’re… They’re my dogs.
They stay here. They don’t leave. Uh, and then this is my room. Yeah we got, um… You know, family picture, picture of me and my brother. This is my bed, that clearly is always made, and I didn’t just make it because you guys
are coming over. Uh, it’s a California king, I think. I like a big bed.
I move around a lot when I sleep, so it’s… Here’s… there’s your Bengals stuff.
I got a Bengals hat there. I’ll take you in the closet. There’s uh…
There’s not all that much in here. Not… Not the greatest organized closet,
but it’s got all my clothes. My Christmas sweaters are ready to go. My Harambe Christmas sweaters.
I got two of ’em. I bought ’em last year. I fell in love with those memes, I thought
they were pretty funny. These, I got some jerseys back here as well. These are my two Bengals ones; a Burfict, oh, and this is actually the Gallagher. My Hamilton Bulldogs jersey, that they just gave to me. And a David Ortiz that I’ve got to get framed and hung up. And then the same with the Addison Russell, so… The Gallagher gets worn, I’m pretty superstitious, so, uh, depending on if the Bengals win or not, I rotate jerseys, because I’ve got to
wear my Bengals jerseys on game days, so… Uh, not much else to see. I’ve got my suits, ties…
Yeah, I got a lot of suits. I think some of these are still Gionta’s actually up here. They don’t get worn anymore, they just kind of stay in my closet. They’ll be…
They’ll be getting donated pretty soon, but yeah. No, they were a bit short. Um, I’m not… I can’t say I’m taller than a lot of guys, but… I’m taller than Gio… Apparently. Uh, and then this is the bathroom. Uh, there’s really not much to see in here.
I’ve got my tub. I actually do take baths, every once in a while. It’s… It’s kind of relaxing. Yeah, I got the shower. [Are you an epsom salt guy?] Uh, no.
I just kind of sit in there. It’s more like a… like a warm… like a warm tub.
Yeah. Well, when I first got it, uh, one of my best
friends’ mom is from Vancouver. Vicky, she came out and she’s an interior
designer and decorator, and she… She put a lot of work in at the start. Uh, a lot of work taking care of it, and then my mum… My mum came out and kind of finished it off, and…
Um, and helped me out. And usually when they come to town, they touch a few things up, but… I definitely had a lot of help, I think it looks good, but I can’t take much… much credit for it myself. You know, it’s kind of nice to… to be in the Old Port with all, a bunch of restaurants within walking distance. And, just a lot going on.
I think you get to enjoy the city a little bit more. I… I love the south shore as well. Um, you know, it’s kind of nice, but it’s a little bit more of a family atmosphere. For me, being… where I was in my life, I think… You know, this was… this was a good place for me to settle in, and… You know, it’s in a place um… you know it’s… I’m around everything that’s happening, but if I want to relax and just kind of… Have some peace and quiet, it’s not too loud or too noisy either, so I’ve… I’ve enjoyed it. Alright guys!
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my place,
but now it’s time for you to go. Let me get in my zone. I’m going to have the game of my life. Alright,
game of my life, coming right up! Oh no!
Oh no! Agh! Oh no, this guy sees —
Dead again. Agh!
I’m dead again. I’m dead again.


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