CHez Brendan: A tour of Brendan Gallagher’s offseason home (Habs Cribs)

Hey guys, Brendan here. Welcome to Tsawwassen. Let me show you around my place. I guess we’ll start in my little office. This is where many fantasy championships have
been won. Fantasy football championships. This is where I sit and do my draft. I close the door, really get into the zone. There are a few things in here. I got this for Christmas, actually, my mom
got it. It’s Bobby Orr’s book. I’m in the middle of reading it, but he actually
signed it to me. Something about how he likes my game or enjoys
watching me play. I thought that was pretty cool from Bobby
Orr, one of the greatest players ever. It’s always nice to hear something like that. A few helmets. [Dan] Marino. This one is just a Bengals Color Rush helmet. I’m still loyal to my Bengals. This is an Oakland Raiders one. If anyone watches The Office, “World’s Best
Boss.” I’ve got my own little bobblehead here. My Pricey guy back there, too. Pricey hangs out in here. And then a couple of flags. I’m going to do something with these. I still haven’t gotten around to it, but they’re
from a couple of nice golf courses I’ve played I got flags. Pebble Beach, they just had the US Open, and
then this one was in Carolina, so a couple of nice courses. I like to get these when I go by. Pebble Beach was, I mean, I didn’t play great, but it was my best round out of all the courses around there. I thought it was a pretty challenging one,
but I played well there so it’s always nice. It was cool watching the golf this week and
seeing how I shot on those holes. I like to collect weird things. This is a Hulk Hogan-signed championship belt. I like to just kind of walk around with it
a little bit and feel good about myself. It’s pretty heavy, too. It’s a real belt. I’ve got a few more helmets in here. This is just a Mike Reilly one. I’m a big Edmonton Eskimos fan, because I
grew up in Edmonton. This is actually a game worn helmet. Peyton Manning-signed helmet here. We’ve got an outside area. I’ll take you out here. This is nice, especially on a day like this. In Tsawwassen we get so much sun, it’s just
nice to kind of chill outside, watch some golf. I usually sit here and watch — it usually
tempts me enough to go out and play, see if there’s anyone playing the hole. It’s a pretty busy course. It’s nice to come out here and watch. You guys don’t really need to see the kitchen…there’s
nothing in there worth seeing. I’ll take you upstairs. After the workout today, I’m not all that
excited to climb the stairs but I’ll do it for you guys. So this room here, this is actually where
I do most of my napping. There are a few cool things in here. I’ve got my Gallagher burger. They gave me this, so I keep this in here. That was something unique. Not a lot of people get to do something like
that, so it was cool to make that burger. This is a Triple Crown winner-signed thing
there. I’ve got a Hanson Brothers-signed jersey here. They wrote, “Putting on the foil.” Everyone likes Slapshot, so that’s just pretty
cool to have. More Bengals stuff. A signed Andy Dalton jersey, that’s obviously
the pride and joy of the house. Nothing can happen to that. An Andy Dalton-signed helmet, an A.J. Green-signed
helmet, this is a Gronkowski. And this is probably the coolest one I have,
it’s Bo Jackson, and I also have a Bo Jackson rookie card. This is a seat from 49ers Stadium. That’s “The Catch,” obviously Dwight Clark. I’ve got a Modano-signed jersey and a Guy
Lapointe one. It was pretty cool being a part of that ceremony
as well. I spend a lot of time up here, actually. this is the ping pong room. This is kind of where I put all the stuff
I’ve won. This is from the World Championship team we
had. It was a pretty fun time. You can see Domes [Max Domi]. The big head. He stands out pretty easy. We had a lot of fun over there. It was nice to be able to come away with a
gold medal. It was a really good team, really good group
of guys, we had a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time with Domes. It was really us two and [Brad] Marchand. We hung out a lot around each other. Three very tall guys. This is actually the medal from it. I have the medal and I got all the guys to
sign a stick. You can see how big the knob on my stick was
back then. It was actually when I first hurt my hand,
so I had to go with the big knob. It’s gone down a little bit. So, yeah, I got all the guys to sign it. Some pretty cool names on there, [Connor]
McDavid probably being the coolest. And then the World Junior team, same thing. We won bronze at that one, but I still got
everyone to sign the stick. That’s the World Junior jersey. My little shrine to Gorgie [Josh Gorges]. I got that for him and the guy that made it
for me just sent me one as well, so I put it up. It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty nice to have. Obviously Gorgie, I like to joke around with
him quite a bit, but he was a big part of my career. It goes without saying. He did so much for me, really taking care
of me for two years and taking care of a lot of stuff off the ice. You know, a young kid playing in Montreal,
when that stuff is taken care of it makes it a lot easier. First NHL game, first goal puck. That one is the game where I got the Giants’
all-time goals record. So that was pretty cool of the team to do
that one for me. Here’s our World Championship ring. It’s a pretty nice ring actually. This is kind of our team’s inside joke. They had some bridges in Saint Petersburg
that didn’t quite go down when we needed them to, so we always got stuck at that bridge. So they put it on the side of the ring. The other side has my name, the trophy, and
9-1, the record we had. We actually lost our last round robin game
to Finland, we lost like 4-0 or 4-1 or something like that. We had to play them in the Finals and we ended up winning 2-0 with an empty netter late. Rookie jersey, and this is the World Championship jersey. And then over there, I’ve just got a Jean
Beliveau picture. This is actually something that the Western
Hockey League gave to me. They did a Top 50s thing. I’m right here — 36th. You can see here, my wall is a little banged
up. I’m a strict forehand player. Anyone that knows me knows I don’t really
have a backhand, so a lot of the times players get me in this situation and I’ll end up hitting
the wall. Another thing there, a picture the Giants
gave me. The team did a pretty good job. And then these are from my first couple of
years, the teams we had in Montreal. The other ones are in my place in Montreal,
but these are from when I was living with Gorgie, so I still brought these things home. This was my first year. I like looking at the guys we had. Obviously Pleky [Tomas Plekanec] stands out
in his turtleneck. We can do the bedroom. I don’t know if you need to see the bedroom…it’s
a little messy at the moment. I can take you there, though. It’s down the hall. These are just guest rooms. Guest rooms. Closet. And this is… cleanliness isn’t a strength
of mine. We just got back from Houston, too, so I haven’t
unpacked. This is the Jays jersey I was wearing on the
trip. I keep this around. This is jersey is just for Lehky [Artturi
Lehkonen]. This is my Spurs jersey. That got a lot of use this year. I actually won a bet with him where he’s going
to have to wear one of these next year, so I’m looking forward to that. Bed…unmade, obviously. I’ve got my cowboy hat that I just got. I’ve got a couple. So this is the cowboy hat they got us at the
World Juniors. It’s the black one — this is, I don’t think
this is the one. This is a Coors cowboy hat. This is the one they got at World Juniors. It actually doesn’t even fit me anymore. So they have that on there. Our whole team got them because the tournament
was in Calgary. The brown one, this was my purchase in Houston. So I wore this around. I actually got it to try and fit in, but it
turns out nobody wears these things in Houston, so I couldn’t have stood out more. I also learned that those have to be stored
upside-down, so Pricey would be proud that I know. This is probably the last thing you guys need
to see. Living on a golf course, I play a lot of golf. This was something I got a couple of years
ago. Someone helped me out with it and they custom-designed me a golf cart. They did a pretty good job with it. Obviously it’s Habs colors. They put my number on the side. I definitely stand out on the course when
I’m in this thing, but it’s nice to have. It’s very convenient. I’ll go out there and play a few holes any
time of the day, whenever the course is open. It makes it easy. Thanks for coming by. Hope you guys enjoyed the place. I’ll see you at camp.

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