Chinese Street Food Tour in Guangzhou, China | Exotic Seafood, BBQ Pork, and Street Food in China

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I just got into Guangzhou, China The land of dim sum and barbecue pork I came here to eat And today we are going for a full day of Foodrangin’ feast in Let’s go check it out If you love dim sum And the elegance of finely cooked cantonese cuisine Coming to Guangzhou to eat will fill you with joy through each bite There’s enough food here for a lifetime And in one day You can do as the locals do and feast on dim sum and sip tea And try a ton of delicious street food specialties Make sure to watch until the end Because you won’t believe the insanity of the seafood scene here in Guangdong First up, just like the locals, you can make your way to a local changfen breakfast joint And eat some delicious changfen rice noodle rolls Let’s eat So just right up here there is a famous changfen place Rice noodle roll place This is what you’ve gotta have for breakfast in Guangzhou Let’s go have a taste Alright, we’re going to sit down and have a bite of this beauty Changfen is the first street food you need to eat here in Guangzhou or Hong Kong Rice flour water is poured onto a metal tray and steamed Then, your choice or mixture of pork, shrimp, egg, cockles or beef Is mixed into a bowl and put onto that beautiful steamed rice flour Just watch this magic After its steamed a little longer It’s pushed into a little blob of goodness Garnished with light soy sauce And fried radish There is nothing like it Beautiful This is a monster changfen Get a shot of this beauty This is a true beauty changfen Just a regular rice noodle roll in guangzhou It’s just like rice flour, steamed It’s like sloppy and elegant The best of both worlds It’s full of little shrimp, egg, and beef And this rice noodle is going to be so good I just gotta get a good first bite here The slight fragrance from the light soy sauce is really smooth And the rice noodle is so silky And it just takes on that nice slight fragrance from the light soy sauce It’s just like sloppy goodness here After eating that nice changfen We began searching for street snacks to try before our huge pre-lunch of Cantonese style street food BBQ pork This is one of the true joys of Foodrangin’, you can find delicious snacks all along the way Look at these! What we stumbled into was one of the highlights of breakfast street food in China Here, at little baozi shops, and in particular in Guangdong You can find a ton of different breakfast street food specialties meant to be eaten on the go You can find classic street foods like tea boiled egg flavored with star anise and soy Mantou plain white steamed buns Freshly made baozi stuffed pork or vegetable steamed buns Steamed shaomai sticky rice dumplings And then some of the kings of street food dim sum The zongzi and lo mai Gai Steamed sticky rice stuffed with chicken, mushrooms And sometimes sausage, scallions, and dried shrimp All wrapped up in a beautiful lotus leaf But one thing I can never get enough of Is one of the highlights of Cantonese dim sum and street food The chashao bao AKA BBQ pork bun What a beautiful second breakfast we can have here Chashaobao! Oh look at these! This is what I came to Guangdong for Chashaobao, BBQ pork buns Huge! Look at those monsters Look at that That is a monster baozi chashaobao And we are going to try it OK, lets try it out Oh yeah Look at that The BBQ pork that they put in there It’s so juicy And the BBQ flavor is actually quite sweet Oh yeah Oh it’s like a sweet BBQ sauce in the ultimate fluffy bun That is the perfect second breakfast of the day After that gorgeous barbecue pork bun We made our way in search of our first lunch The world famous Cantonese chashao BBQ pork and roast goose Chashao, oh look at this! Look at this! Chashao and roast goose in Guangdong, Guangzhou! This is going to be incredible! Oh yeah, look at how he chops in the back there! This just brings joy to you! I just can’t get enough of watching him cut all of this BBQ pork This is the pinnacle of lunch street food in Guangdong Found all throughout street corners in Guangdong and Hong Kong Xiu Mei roast meat establishments like these specialize in a variety of meats With the famous chashao and roast goose taking the crown The BBQ pork is made with a mixture of honey Five spice powder Dark soy sauce And hoisin sauce And the roast goose is served with a sweet plum sauce Just watching them chop the BBQ pork and roast goose will get your mouth watering You can order these dishes just like the locals over rice And sit down for a nice lunch on the street This is worth the flight alone This is such a busy spot And I got the roast goose here And BBQ pork over rice with veg We are just going to add a little plum sauce onto that goose Oh yeah this is This is going to be good And now I have this braised sauce that you put over top of the goose Oh yeah thats a little bit messy but Oh yeah thats going to be flavor packed Lets get a nice big chunk with a nice piece of fatty skin Lets try it out Oh yeah That is pure magic It’s really good When you take your first bite The goose is so juicy And it has this slight aromatic sweetness to it But the best part is the plum sauce for sure Look at all the fat bubbling out of the skin That is where is gets the flavor See that? The fat bubbling out of the skin there That’s where it gets the flavour And then when you bite into the meat It just packs even more juice Covered in a plum sauce You will fall in love on your first bite Now we have got to try some of this chashao BBQ pork Very good! Very good! Really nice! Look at that Thats the secret All that sauce there That is what it’s all about right here I could just keep coming here every day Having some chashao over rice That’s a full meal And so fulfilling and satisfying when you eat this After that incredible roast goose and BBQ pork We made our way to our second lunch The thing you must try when in Guangdong or Hong Kong Dim sum Here we go Dim dou dak Dim sum is some of the best of the best when it comes to Chinese food It’s such a world of its own You could spend your whole life learning and tasting different dim sum And since we were quite full We only ordered the must try classic dim sum dishes of Guangdong and Hong Kong Starting with the two kings of dim sum The ha gao transparent shrimp dumpling Packed with shrimp pork fat, sesame oil, and light seasonings Along with the shaomai, the ground pork and chopped shrimp dumpling Also filled with mushrooms, onions, and ginger These two dim sum kings go great with the delicious fengzhua A fried, steamed, and stewed puffy chicken feet dish Flavored with black fermented beans, bean paste, and sugar Adding a steamer of chashao bao The same one I sampled on the street in the morning And the dim dou dak special rice roll with a crispy inner fried rice cake and prawns Dipped into a peanut sauce This is like a dream world it’s so good This is just a classic dim sum lunch here in Guangzhou There’s so many specialties here I think I’m going to have to go right away for the shaomai Pork and shrimp dumplings with crab roe on top That is one of the kings of dim sum So juicy The pork and the shrimp – The shrimp is springy Oh and the crab roe has a perfect hint of flavor That is good! There is also chicken feet here And these are actually growing on me I’ve been in China three years now And when they are done right The skin, there is something so satisfying about taking the skin off with your teeth Chicken feet for life A little sweet Just a touch of spice And what the locals do is you bite like I guess the knuckle And then suck the skin off And then spit the knuckle off on the plate And you’re just left with tiny little bones After feasting on this delicious dim sum And taking a little walk around to digest We made our way to Guangzhou’s largest wholesale seafood market The amount of selection here will blow you away So we are just coming up to a seafood market This is on the pearl river in Guangzhou This is the biggest wholesale seafood market in Guangzhou And we’re going to choose some seafood and have a big meal Look at all this seafood! This looks good Look at that geoduck This probably comes from Canada Look at those big mantis shrimp Nice mantis shrimp Those are huge Look at that! Look at that! That’s huge! This is like a huge eel here After possibly slightly overpaying We found some sand worms that looks inviting So we grabbed a bag And carried all the seafood up to the top floor of the restaurant upstairs And passed the seafood to the chefs Who cooked the outside bought seafood and charged by the kilo We got a nice seafood feast coming up We bought a lot Fresh red crab Scallops with garlic and rice noodles Deep fried eel with a sweet glaze Geoduck fried in fresh bell peppers and red chilies Salt and pepper mantis shrimp And sand worms cooked just like onion rings All cooked in a light and elegant cantonese style I didn’t think it was going to be this much I’m going to try to finish it all We have a lot here today Let’s just dig in Look at that! That’s a lot of meat And I got it original flavor So they just give you a nice garlic dip Oh yeah, garlic, and oil Tender crab meat with a This garlic dip is actually a little salty Everything was perfectly cooked With the eel surprisingly being the most tender and delicious thing we tasted And the sand worms tasting almost exactly like onion rings So when you come to Guangzhou, make sure to have a seafood feast So as you see we couldn’t finish all of that seafood We ordered a little too much Gotta bring it home and have it later What an amazing day today here in Guangzhou So much super delicious food This is just the tip There is a lot more So we are going to try and get a lot more videos for you guys If you enjoyed this Please leave a thumbs up Click that subscribe button And leave a comment for us down below Would love to know what you thought about this video I’m going to go for a little walk and burn off that intense seafood feast Thanks guys!


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