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So check this out It’s Trevor James I’m in Xi’an China I came here to eat We’re going for a full on street food exploration of this city I’m so pumped Let’s go check it out Xi’an is packed with cuisine that you’ll fall in love with on your first try You’ll never run out of new things to try as you explore the city I came here solely to eat And I found a ton of awesome snacks and meals that blew me away Travellers always say that Xi’an is packed with food and intriguing flavours And I have to agree You’ll fall in love with the food here for sure Make sure to watch until the end Because this video is filled with food Yeah that’s awesome First up is the suantang jiaozi A super delicious sour and spicy bowl of juicy beef or lamb dumplings That you won’t want to miss A bowl of these jiaozi is packed with chili oil vinegar And sesame oil And the broth is infused with shrimp skins Take a look at this That is huge 30 suanla sour and spicy niurou beef jiaozi Look at all the chili oil in there Mix it up Oh I can smell the sesame and cilantro Look they are plump! They are plump! I can taste a lot of sesame in there It’s a little spicy and very fragrant It’s quite nutty That sesame makes it really nutty Next I made my way to try the most famous triple combo of street food in Xi’an Ordering up a roujiamo Chinese burger Some liangpi cold noodles And a local orange soda If you love juicy meat The roujiamo is sure to please It’s made with a homemade pita bread Stuffed with stewed fatty pork Soaked in over 20 spices This combined with the liangpi A dish of cold noodles in a sauce that hits every possible flavour Like tangy, sweet, savoury, herbal, nutty, and more Just look at this look at that That looks insane Now we’re going to find a spot to sit Juicy pork This is a Xi’an burger Chinese burger Let’s go right in for the kill That mo bread is super crispy And this rou This pork is so juicy Next thing we gotta try here is liangpi These are like cold sliced rice noodles With bean sprouts And chili oil Let’s try it out Oh yeah There is like this strong bean sprout flavour in there Quite spicy Very smoky A little sour There is some vinegar in there Later that night I found a famous fenzhengrou stall in the popular old muslim district This is top notch spiced and steamed beef Covered in wheat flour Served with raw garlic And a soft bun to stuff it in This is the heyebing Oh you gotta pack it with beef Pack it with beef You can see all that wheat flour on there And close it up There’s like a super strong fennel flavour in there It tastes like fennel with this steamed fatty wheat flour beef So the local way to eat it You gotta eat raw garlic with it That is strong Then I made my way to try some of the famous Xi’an Pop in your mouth soup dumplings A Xi’an specialty that rivals with Shanghai’s Xiaolongbao soup dumplings So we are at a steamed guantang jiaozi here This is kind of like xiaolongbao Check it out They are busy here China We’ll have to get some kaorou Look at the skin It’s very thin This is steaming hot This is beef Juicy steaming dumplings Packed with soup And I have a babaozhou over here This is like a thick, cold gooey soup Sweet, it has these peanuts, sesame seeds Look at this There’s like huge chunks of dates And it’s gooey Oh yeah What you have to do Is bite into it and get the soup out first Look It just exploded in my spoon It just exploded in my spoon That is the soup dumpling right there i’m just going to drink that That is really peppery It’s packed with juice Let’s try that out It’s really nice and refreshing The next morning I made my way deeper into the Hui muslim district In search of some awesome breakfast foods And I found quite a few Starting off with a super peppery and slightly numbing breakfast stew Hulatang You gotta break up this thick chewy mo bread And just put it in Thick gloopy stew Look, they give you chili oil to mix it through Look how gloopy that is It’s really peppery It’s really peppery yeah It’s definitely building The spice builds on you Not spicy in the beginning But now, just a little into the bowl here My mouth is quite hot! But the soup wasn’t enough So I went for a little walk down the street and found some silken bean curd Covered in vinegar and chili oil Just look at this big pot of silken tofu It’s like a strong vinegar flavour With a spicy tofu It really has a strong vinegar flavour to it Next for the final breakfast snack I found some super delicious steam fried baos That looks awesome Look at that my hands are burning Let’s try it out Oh yeah And after a little rest I made my way out to try a famous cold liangfen dish That tasted like mustard and wasabi It was super unique So you gotta break it up Look at this It’s still warm So she said to make it big Like big chunks And that’s how I’m going to make it Let’s go take a look Look at that sesame paste I can smell it It’s really nutty And it’s invading the nostrils That is so nice The sesame paste The sesame butter It’s like thick and creamy And there is like this chili oil that mixes with the sesame paste It’s so smooth This was a full day of eating I just kept going Later on, I went to go try the ultra signature noodle dish of Xi’an The hand stretched wide biang biang noodles That is a true mixture of flavours Look at this Sliced pork Super juicy Chunks and slices And then this is zajiang Which is like mixed sauce That is magic The tomato flavour is really nice in there And the chewy hand pulled noodles are just dripping And soaked with flavour Oh my This is why Xi’an is food paradise You can just keep going and going I found a unique deep fried and then steamed beef That locals line up down the street for So we have the xiaosurou This is like steamed beef It’s really gloopy and oily And they give you a bowl of rice with it too This is my first time That’s pretty good It’s just like slightly salty Steamed, fatty beef Yes That’ll make it better So we’re going to finish off the night With a big fat bowl of Xi’an specialty Yangrou paomo And some classic chuan I’m so pumped This is the must try dish of Xi’an Ordering up a steaming hot bowl of fresh lamb soup Filled with pita bread and rice noodles And getting a side plate of lamb kebabs Look at the huge chunks of lamb meat There’s nicely chopped slices of pita You can actually do it by hand You can break those pita chunks by hand if you want But they didn’t have any for me So they just gave their pre-chopped ones This is like salty chili paste We’re going to put that right in there This is what it’s all about Eating street food at night time with the local people Spicy and flavourful food Friendly locals This is Xi’an They also give you pickled garlic to wash it down with I’m just going to try a little bit of these rice noodles with yangrou Let’s try it out That lamb stock is so thick and deep Really strong flavour So please click that subscribe button down below Leave me a thumbs up And a comment down below It’s really going to help my videos rank up So if you enjoy this content Please do that for me Also check out my Instagram at the food ranger You can follow me there Xi’an has been really wonderful and I’m going to keep exploring Thanks again guys


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