Chinese Summer Vacation Movie

My Summer Vacation was Bad Class Start! Stand. Hello everyone! Hi Teacher Wang. Today is: The first day of school in 2019. How was everyone’s summer vacation? VERY BAD!!! (Sad teach) Why? I went to China to travel, and then got lost. *ooh ahh special* I’m in China! *takes forever to change hat and sunglasses* I’m going to go sleep at the hotel now! AH! This view looks very good! Where is my hotel? Should I walk right or left? Ah! Chinese food is very good. *eat your veggies kids* *zoom airplane* My hotel is this way! *nom nom* Ah! Help me! Help ME! HELP ME! Where is my hotel?! I’m lost! *sad trombone effect* I’m sorry, Wen Mei Ting, what about you? I had heat stroke during the summer vacation. Run faster! You´re too slow. I really don’t like running, I run very slow! Todayś weather is very hot! I don’t feel good, and I have a little cough! I´m sorry, coach, I don’t feel well. Can I have some water? No you can’t Run FASTER! *running sounds* *cough cough* AH! *Casually has heat stroke* *press f* Where am I? I don’t feel well. I have a headache. I’m Doctor Kate How are you? My head hurts, and I have a little cough. I think I had heatstroke. You must drink more water, and take medicine. You cannot run for a year. YAY I can’t run for a year! *excited fist bump* I’m sorry, Yin Ai Ling, what about you? I got fired from my new job. *McDonald’s calls* Hello? Who is this? REALLY?! Very good. Thank you, goodbye! I just got hired at McDonalds. Tomorrow at Mcdonalds You must be Yin Ai Ling. Welcome to your first day at Mcdonalds You will take orders. Customer- I want… Erin- I’m so bored… I can’t wait for the break to come. Erin, you have been working hard. go ahead and take 10 minute break. Thank you! *goes to sleep* *ONE HOUR LATER* Where did you go?! Sorry! I was tired and fell asleep. That is no excuse. You are FIRED! AH Oh no! I’m sorry, Hu Kai Tian, what about you? My new house doesn’t have a bathroom. Hi everyone! This is Hu Kai Tian and I just moved into my new house. This is my new house tour. Like and subscribe down below! Hit the bell! Please follow me inside! This is the living room. Very pretty. The kitchen is on the left. Across from the living room is the dining room. This is my bedroom. Where is my bathroom? It’s next to my room. WHAT??? Where is it? Where is it? Where is my bathroom? Where is my bathroom? Update. My new house doesn’t have a bathroom. Aiya! All of your summer vacations sound very bad. Open your books to…

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