Chinese travel agencies resume sales of tour packages to South Korea: Reports

Could China be trying to make nice with South
Korea again? The Chinese foreign ministry says it wants
to work with South Korea to handle some of the diplomatic challenges facing them… in
order to get back on good terms. The ministry’s spokesperson added that Beijing
hopes to gradually restore friendly ties in *each sector and develop the bilateral relationship
into something healthier and more stable. They are the first remarks of their kind after
months of economic retaliation against South Korea. And to that end,… Chinese travel agencies are reportedly back
to running ads for group tour packages to South Korea. The ads are the first in more than seven months…
after Beijing ordered a ban on tours to South Korea… in protest of Seoul’s deployment…
of a THAAD anti-missile battery. South Korea’s tourism industry has suffered
a heavy blow over the fallout… with the number of Chinese tourists plunging by more
than half… between March and August.

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