Christmas holidays in Croatia, really?! – Cinematic travel Vlog by Tolt #1

Hello everyone! Today we’re in Zagreb, the Croatian capital city. You are probably wondering what am I doing in Zagreb, in the middle of December? Well, simply because for the past five years, the city has put a lot of efforts to organize
some very nice advent celebrations. There’s not many people right now, because it’s in the morning. But actually at night, it gets crowded. and it gives a very nice atmosphere to the city. One of the major embodiments of the city, is of course the cathedral. Look at this, it’s really amazing! After this very nice city break in the enchanting atmosphere of Zagreb, we are now trying to find our way in the fog to go discover the medieval monuments of the region. The sun finally rises and makes the fog go away. The frozen countryside looks gorgeous. At last, we arrive at Trakoscan castle. It’s not open for public yet so we can wander around on our own. This amazing place makes me wish I could go back in time and see how people really lived in the middle age. Let’s go to Varazdin now. This place is quite different as the castle is not isolated but inside a city center this time. Lastly, we head to Veliki tabor, another castle located on the top of a hill. Perfect location to admire the sunset. To sum up, Zagreb is a great destination for a christmas city break. We really enjoyed the advent celebrations atmosphere and the surrounding castels are great to visit in the cold weather. Hey ! Your feedback is really essential to
me, so don’t forget to tell me what you think about this new video format! See you soon for new travel tips and videos!

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