Clash of the Holidays: Part 2

the do the the the the today their own 3brosproductions presents: Clash of the Holidays! Whoa, where did we get these new clothes? You threw a baby who cares? Well anyway all viewers on YouTube know that Christmas is like awesome! NOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO I roll NOOOOOOOO How about National Stuffed Animal Day? I HATE YOU! Why did you just throw that baby at the window? Shut up. Uh okay, first of all that baby is so hurt, it’s not even funny. It’s not hurt. that big cock by AHHHH. And second of all National Stuffed Animal Day is not a real holiday. you pie go holiday I well I Christmas is better I no I why get okay you why yeah yeah I live yeah her yeah file height all what baby keep prop who are you yeah my all harlem a delight are you okay love you aunty say few right no right play why her yeah less I have Halloween super special punch you know it’s really
good languages connector it %uh site I how your you are I don’t make me call of the up up okay national fish some yeah the the the do the the this the the


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