Classic car weekend HollandMenCamp

This weekend is the classic car
weekend at hollandMenCamp. We have several cars and caravans on the
campsite in a real VW T2 B in 1978 with a
westfalia roof with a very nice orange interior with little kitchen in it and of course a nice toiletry bag This is a citroen CX from 1989 Here in the combi version we bought this car this year The caravan is French the brand Notin from 1961 from a small French caravan builder yes we have this caravan now 6 years We love this caravan, because the inside is very nicely decorated. and it is made with care and here a beautiful Opel Record A model from 1964 60 hp from Jojo from Germany and behindit he has a beautiful constructam in restored condition from 1970 the old coating and the original pads Camper 1985 on the basis of a Fiat Ducato two half-liter engine with 72 true horsepower
almost 3,000 kilos so it’s a racing car on wheels
Inside it is held all original the colors beige brown Only the bathroom has changed
the rest is like it came from the factory This living wagon is from just after Napoleon it is still in original condition only a fridge has been put in place and it is also for rent He is decorated with birds of paradise and also called Isadora Well here are Constructam
comets 5 1968 he is still mostly in its original state. It has been slightly adapted to the requirements of this
time with underfloor heating and an LCD flat screen TV and of course the chandeliers and this is a Saab ninety. Only for 3 years they were built in Finland and this is from 1987 and we onw it now for half a year has been of been an old lady
And that’s a Constructam Belgian caravan 1971 and that is a real barn find On a farm somewhere in the Veluwe People have for years been on holiday with it Quite good still We are very happy This is a Lander Graziella and that the caravan is the Italian brand is 42 years old just not in original condition because I like to modify it to so I have removed from inside the toilet changed the kitchen created more space to sit nice chair it for myself fixed bed and lots of beautiful wallpaper or the original curtains This is a DKW 1962 of 800cc 35 hp and all for 30 years in the family
Hannes He is in original condition. It is a
three cylinder two stroke engine of 800cc how old is this Deux cheveaux This Deux cheveaux is from 1978 and the bus is 1974 years, so that is four years older and what engine is in this car? a second cylinder, 602 CC okay and what you want to say more?
It jumps nice but that is what you experience at the moment and I ‘m actually bought for my work. So to carry signs but also to stand out as advertising, because that is of course what the letter Atelier does daily and how long you have this in possession since 2012, I think, that’s already quite some years Let’s just go to your motorhome wouw This is the camper, made possible by But I will not advertise. How old is this camper from 1974. What is this model? Citroen HY What does that mean? I dare not say, This is type H You also had type HZ and the HV But those were other variants or extended or livestock OK, what engine is in here? a DS engine, 1.9-liter which is a heavy motor DS engine so probably with front-wheel drive? yes, just like the Deux Cheveaux this van has front wheel drive any postwar Citroen actually has frontwheel drive Hi I’m Ron, the one half of Ron and Ad and here are two beautiful vintage cars that we have in our possession. This is a Saab 900 convertible 1992 We buy in Utrecht in Brummen We got him completely stripping down He had already become quite bald And he rebuilt The motor was not so good We had it tuned optimally thus brought it from a low-presure to a high presure turbo with a nice leather upholstery and complete new roof, which has been done only a few months ago For once in the 10 years you have to replace such a roof, because then it is worn out we just turn to these brown boy Our other friend Mercedes Bens S Class 450 SE 1977 uses also quite a bit of gas there is a V8 engine under motorhead causing it to drive 1: 5 but we put in a gas tank. Then goes that 1 in 4, but gas is slightly cheaper than gasoline This was again the classic car weekend in HollandMenCamp. It was very nice Do you want to come? You’re welcome.

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