Cloud9 CS:GO HyperX Gaming House Tour

Yo, what’s up guys?
This is Jake “Stewie2k” Yip. Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert and
welcome to the C9 house. So, this is our prac room.
Stew, what do we do in here? We practice here every day and we just hang out.
This is where most of our time goes into. So… This is normally kind of the war room. Let’s keep walking through. We like to eat with
HyperX products on our table. If I don’t have a flash drive in front of me
I don’t have an appetite. So now we onto the kitchen. Where’s our fridge?
We just had to pull it out though because when we travel,
and we travel all the time like we had like an ice leak or
something but it still works great. Now it’s stocked. Patiently packed with a bunch of random stuff;
food, leftovers, different stuff. Stew, what’s your favorite
part of the kitchen? The Keurig where I
make coffee every day. Yeah, Stew’s coffee.
It starts with coffee and ends with Red Bull. You know, we have to keep
our energy up high every day. My favorite part might be the blender I bought for fruit smoothies and stuff through the day. Alright, so, that was the kitchen
and now we’re heading to the living room. We used to have a TV here
and we just chill around here. We relax. Here, hold my coffee. This is kind of what we
spend our time doing these days. Me, Mike and Tim, we decided if we want to hold our bomb sites better together we learn to hold each
other better gotta together. So they kind of relax on the couch. This is got uncomfortable.
Normally we are kind of intertwined a little bit more. Alright, for the last piece of the downstairs I guess we’re gonna take a quick look at Tim’s room. Here’s his bathroom.
Quick peek in there I guess, nothing much. But Tim wanted the smallest room because you know he’s a man of simple things. He just likes to practice
as you can see on the door. And, uh, is everything good here? How did you guys…?
They just hop around the house. They decide to get comfortable
anywhere they are at. This is Tim’s room.
He sets up in here. He could stream in here. Just a pretty simple life for Tim,
you know? He’s about the gym,
Counter-Strike and keeping healthy. Alright guys, I think that’s it for downstairs,
I’m going to head upstairs. Alright, now we’re going upstairs.
We’ve got some winnings from the past, before I was on the team. And then we’ve got my
bathroom with Tyler and Mike. This is Mike’s graveyard. Mike had his stream set up
and a couple different monitors, PCs. He had his bed right here in the corner and then above it
he had the nostalgic shot of the downtown Toronto. That’s where he grew up, over there. Oh yeah, my room, I don’t do much in here. I just
pretty much…whenever I’m in here I just sleep. And then I got my TV in here
to put me to sleep. A couple of your idols
right here on the wall huh? Allright, on to Tyler’s. Tyler, what are you doing? Welcome. -Tyler over here with a bed the size of his room.
-Yup. This is memory foam. I’ve had a couple nights where I
think we’ve had three people in this bed. After a tough loss or big wins
sometime we just want to celebrate and cuddle. We can’t be cheap on the bed. And obviously here we’ve got two setups just in case
somebody wants to come over and game. Or if feel like playing
on a different setup. Look at this sweet-ass iBUYPOWER. What’s that poster right there? “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Oh, that’s fuckin’ inspirational! Doom poster, Marvel, it’s beautiful. The Skadoodle room.
Thanks for having us, Tyler. -Thank you.
-I appreciate it. On next, this is my room.
It’s the smallest. I’m kidding. So, when we first came to the house
what we decided to do is do rooms based off tenure. Me and stunna, at the time, got the two master
bedrooms which is across the hall, which were not showing today. So yeah, this is pretty much all this stuff. Obviously I have my Elemental knives here.
Shout out to them for giving me these. That’s some of my Overwatch art.
What should I grab right now? I’ve been using the bayonets M9 in-game.
I got the Slaughter I think. Always the was the best knife. Yeah, I’ev got the blue steel. I love M9. Everyone knows your moves quicker with a knife.
We’ll keep this for the rest. Winston plushie. Different Cloud9 pillows. Go get it today at the Cloud9 store. Of course I had to get a king-size bed.
I couldn’t let Tyler outdo me here. This is my sweet little
kind of hangout area. Generally, for this room, since I have the biggest TV,
we kind of crowd around here. I set up a couple chairs, a few people on the floor, one in that chair.
We have space for like 7 or 8 people here to watch. Match replays demo reviews, etc. I got a couple setups in here. This is my main setup where I play on the stream. So, coming here, here’s of course the master bathroom. I’ve got double sinks on each side. I’ve got my coffee pot here. I normally a tea kettle as well
but I think someone’s using it. Yeah, other than that
is kind of my little chill zone. I’ve got my little seat here, wake up in the morning,
have some coffee, open the blinds. You know, chill with Stew, hold my knife (stab sound) Alright that’s pretty much it.
That was last room of the house. -And I think we’re about a head back downstairs.
-Got some pizza coming I think. Yup. You guys want some? You can grab a slice. Alright looks like our pizzas here! It looks like it’s time for us to eat. Camera man, I know you guys
look a little hungry too. We’re gonna enjoy some pizza. Thanks for checking out our house. This has been Stewart’s house tour. -Follow me as @stewie on Twitter.
-Actually I’m @n0thing on Twitter, follow me first. He doesn’t want a follow. Follow Timothy “Automatic” Ta. @AutomaticTV Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham. Ladies and gentlemen,
you gotta go now. Peace!


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