Coe Library Tour

The library entrance is southeast of the Wyoming Union – right by the bus stops Just inside the library you’ll find a cafe The cafe offers treats, salads, sandwiches, sushi… We have computers – hundreds of computers! The front computer lab is open 24 hours – you’ll need your student ID to get in once the rest of the library is closed. Coe Library is a great place to study There are group study tables, couches to relax on, and collaboration pods for group presentations. Group members can all connect their devices and take turns controlling the main screen. We also offer Group Study Rooms for small or large groups. Most group study rooms have computers and white boards. There are also whiteboards in the group study areas. We have a lot of scanners including this digital scanner Printers and a copier are also available. Need to add money to your WyoOne ID? Use our Cash Deposit Machine. Battery low? Recharge at Coe Library. We have books! Thousands of books! How do you find your book among the many books in the library? Start with your book’s call number. You’ll find the call number through the library catalog ( The first letters of the call number help you find the floor the book is on The second set of numbers lets you locate which shelf holds your book. There are directories on each floor. As well as in the elevators. Visit the Help Desk on the main level of the library. A research assistant will help you with your library questions The main stairwell is near the front entrance of Coe Library. Emergency exit plans are located near each elevator. Emergency exits are marked throughout the building. Find popular fiction and nonfiction on the main floor of the library in Popular Reading. We have a large selection of movies that you can browse and borrow for free. Newspapers are available in print as well as online and on microform. The reading room on the main floor is a great place to relax. Feel free to talk on group study floors! Quiet study floors are a good place to work without distractions. Your student ID is also your library card. Check out your books at the Help Desk on the main level. Or at the nearby self-checkout station. You can also get assistance at the Media Help Desk on the lower level. Never leave your stuff unattended. Thieves may be watching. Coe Library also has a collection of student artwork.

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