Come with me to a Medieval Camping Event! (SCA Vlog!)

Good morning everyone! We are going on
one of our medieval reenactment type events this weekend. We’re all packed up
and ready to go, I’m taking the pups on a quick walk-about to do their normal
morning business and then we will head out on our Canadian adventure! We have made it into Canada land and we’re very excited! Here’s what Canada looks like! So we have arrived, and this is usually
what a campsite looks like at first- there’s a smattering of tents, and cars,
and porta-potties, but in a few hours as more and more
people arrive and set up their tents, it’s gonna look pretty sweet! Hello-ello! Now that we are mostly set up, it’s about time that I get out of my modern clothes –
which I’ve already done – and get into my cute little medieval clothes for the
night! (Be right back!) Hello again! I’m all dressed and ready
for some partying tonight! We’ve got a friend in camp who is currently on vigil for a Master of Defense. Tonight, he stays up all night,
accepting wisdom from peers of the realm, who come to our camp to visit him and
bestow their fine hard-won knowledge so- that’s the plan for tonight. We are going
to help make all the tables of refreshments full at all times and
making a list so that people can see him in a timely manner and things like that,
kind of help facilitate the party! So we’re getting there: the erics,
which are all these ropes on the field out here, are starting to get put up and
there’s definitely a lot more tents up so far, very exciting! It’s starting to get dark, which means that we get the candles out and soon more and more
people will be stopping by to enjoy the food and the hospitality. Maybe they will
stop into the tent to say hello to our dear friend here, but dark also means
that it’s just about time for me to be heading to bed so I’ll see you guys in
the morning! Good morning! We are off to a great start
for a new day, I’ve already gone to a meeting, which is totally what you do at
events sometimes. The erics are all set up, which is kind of the fighting rink (sort of), where the actual tournament will take place. Pretty soon, the fighters
will start lining up, all geared up with their lovely consorts with them, and will
present themselves in front of the crown showing who they are, who their consort
is, and basically asking the crown “Hello! I would love to petition to fight
in your tournament today!” As fighters are eliminated from the
field, some will practice and spar on the sidelines, like these two, until it’s time for finals! Eventually, there are just two contenders left, they will fight for the best of two out of three rounds and whoever wins will become the next king
in a couple months time! Sleeeepyyy All right everyone, time for evening
Royal Court! This is a bit of time set aside at each event to recognize awesome
people for their efforts, to make announcements about nifty events that
are coming up soon and perform a little bit of collective theatre! Today, one of
my friends will be recognized as a Master of the Order of Defense for his
fighting prowess! He will process into court and then kneel in front of the
King in Queens while members of the other Orders speak of his awesomeness!
He’ll exchange some words with the crown, receive his new regalia and then leave
court to celebrate with his peers and friends! So with all the great vigiling
and elevation-ing done, of which there’s a ton of people, which is great! We are now …. probably going to go ahead and start making dinner. We are -me, like me and my crew-
specifically agreed to do the couscous so I guess measuring cups …. that’s in my
future. Let’s see if I can find them! It’s so dark! This is the sleepy times,
we are all de-dressed and into pajamas and ready for sleep. The pups are
in their covers and we’ll see you tomorrow! [Groggily] Good morning and now it’s time to get
dressed, tear the tent down, and get on the road…. Here’s before …… And now it’s all gone! You can see that sort of circle of
grass where that used to be. you


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