¿Cómo es vivir en Canadá? | Tour de un Barrio Canadiense

good very good morning here we are from
come back with another video me with my dad Daniel, everyone asks me how
I played Daniel and today we are not going to film a cooking video let’s do something a
a little bit different, many people have been asking what it is like to live in
canada if we can show you a bit of our city from our neighborhood so
that we’re going to do, we’re not going to go out and give a little walk around the neighborhood does not work
be more or less like houses are like is the system here and we’re going to give a
return by car then we will go out to walk a bit in the nearby park and
schools schools centers commercial all that as is the system
of life how the thing is organized here so they give an idea more or less than what
what is this country good
so there we went the first difference between canada and latin america
that you are going to see that we here we brake practically in all
corners there are posters of pairs or stop as we say to us and here they are good
strict you have to brake and
respects traffic rules because the police does not forgive one of the most
important in this country in relation to the difference with latin america ‘is that
here there is no impunity of all kinds missing the smallest to the
larger is punishable and the fines are severe in transit so that’s why
that we are all goodies and we we behave and respect the laws
because they make you pay where it hurts the most in your pocket now in this time of
Christmas there is any amount of police controls for the school and
that here is a one thing that I know
that is very controlled and the consequences of driving drunk
sucked are not only fines they are not the ones who hijack the car
what they cancel the driver’s license
people stay on foot and in many of the cases can be up to two years
suspension of driving license ok then the plan now we are in the
self I think first let’s stop at a shopping center where they have a
lots of stores like the help where let’s buy our wines
Argentines have gyms have the dollar store where one can buy
cheap things to show them that and then we’re going to show you houses
to drive to a neighborhood where there mansions and first show them the
mansions also show houses regular for families like us and
also channels that would come to be houses smaller ones that clowns are stuck
house is two houses that are usually stuck if they notice it hauché they are a
a row of houses that are all stuck together and are narrower houses
and of two or three floors or that is that it’s chaos here there are three types of
ownership of the man ribs of touch which are totally separate as the
our house after are the others that they are called semi touch that are semi
separate that is to say that they are united usually by the garage and a wall
party and then there are the others they are called the town house is that they are the
houses that are generally a row of 89 10 houses all together and all together
and of course later there are the apartments already although now we’re going
arriving small at the mall There is a gym
ness there are restaurants are created where one can come to breakfast the truth
that we only come here to buy Valid wine is a place where they sell
used clothes here sure they’re going to build more buildings there
dentists a pizzeria samuel have you eaten at this pizzeria in
Pizza even grinds love pizza sometimes
disappears tells us that he is going to run and you are actually going to eat pizza
and this here is the wise that should be here ontario alcohol commission
would come to be is not true since as I had told them in a video
previous here in Canada everything that is alcohol sale is in the hands of the
provincial governments are already these business belongs to governments
provincial each province has the yours and control everything that is the sale
of alcohol and only here can you get some things there are some
supermarkets that sell a little wine and some beer all local products
already but international wines and strong liquors like whiskey vodka
all of this is only achieved you can acquire in these places and the
control is very well serious here and I do government brothers
young with those things but we’re not going to enter with cameras we will go through
forward just for you to know where we buy the wine is on the side
silvia that as you see here the subject of traffic is all well organized
here we do not fight or walk the honks neither we go crazy the one that
arrives first at the stop has priority and they are going one and one one and
one from each side to each one respects the another driver and it works
because traffic moves better than when people are trying to get
life or raped and to pass it on facing the other try to cut him off
and all that here does not work well this is another is another mentality is there is a lot
citizenship here there I have to pass to me
another thing that also has to be respect is the signa lization when one
will double when one is going to change line here is everything
all controlled one says but so that so much control so that both the police
it’s hidden where you least expect it and they also drive in unmarked cars or
be that one out there going to fold in a corner and does not put the blinker and
back has a police vehicle that does not it is marked and where it finishes folding
stop there because he did not finalize as corresponds itacate there the fits
the fine without squeamishness here there is no nothing of what I’m going to talk about I’m going to
I’m going to shake off a fine not That does not exist or I will pass a co
and half do not even think about it because they arrest immediately there I’m going to
comment a bit on the subject of what that the fines for the
infractions to walk driving like one should not do it
Right now handle with the cell phone in your hand
talking while one is driving or making a text
the fine is $ 495 and they are lost three points on the driving license
here the driving license works with a point system that we call it from
merits we have 12 points and depends on contravention points are lost if
one gets to lose the 12 points there cancel the permit there are infractions that
involve the cancellation of the permit drive immediately how to handle
this alcoholized as you know now this month here
In Canada, the use of the marijuana then is that drug too
happens to be with the same faults and someone drives while being under
influence that if I was drunk so if you smoke a joint and
he goes out to drive and they grab him driving in those conditions have the
same lack as if I had drunk basically there are people who are
recidivists and that they have seized a couple of times and then the
thing because you have to take courses so that forces him to court one
do special courses to understand what is the problem and how to behave and
You can usually cancel the permission for two years and if you want
after a year you can ask that let them drive but they force you to install
in the vehicle a device electronic control of the emission of
auto the boot so that you stop drive before going up the car
before starting it has to blow is as a breathalyzer of those machines
to measure alcohol this is the same but it’s connected to your car’s engine
you rent it is worth two thousand dollars install it and for a monthly fee and for
course before starting it has to blow there making a noise like
cultural and blow off start and go to drive and this
device is always in the car and in any time begins abby to
be an alarm telling you that you have to blow again because if he does not cut him
he cuts the engine and then there are the fines is what affect the insurance of the
auto I had an acquaintance who had caught drunk driving two
times with the license canceled it came out to he was grabbed by the police and he had
have to pay $ 6,500 annually sure by the car was a boy of 24
6,500 dollars was safe annual to be able to manage how he worked
and required the vehicle finished working to pay the insurance
practically so now they are given account more or less with what I tell them
because here people respect both the laws and we take care of ourselves because we know that
the consequences of doing things that are not they must be done are serious and they are very
serious though then now we have come to the neighborhood of the mansions as
it’s called this place with ok one that would come to be another city
the outskirts of toronto we live in brands then to iván that remains
as to honor is which bridge this am if it is a forest area and in the forest
there are like small middle mansions hidden so let’s give a
back around this place and we’ve come to what is called one world
sting how can that word be translated states are large areas with houses of
This luxury looks like a palace look at the lattice outside will look all decorated
for Christmas daddy how much do you think cost the houses in this neighborhood 100
million dollars 10 million easily
to those bars they see how the other half lives and we do not live like that at all
they seem like small palaces left from france
baa who will be lawyers these are people from
business are necessary goods there is twine in canada the people there are a lot of twine in
this country and here you can sniff it out through the videos
through the bars looking from outside and this is my first time in this neighborhood
where I did not even know they existed houses of this size
they have as sculptures the pint golden All that sculpture is brought from Italy
are carrara marble is when the twine is everything possible here there is a
empty lot at any time they go to build a house there are the famous
squirrels that look so much in Canada already they are preparing for winter there
some that are brown there are others that they are black there is another go looking
food to hide it and that’s how they get for all the winter challenge this is
for sale we make an offer to 5 million of dollars and we have what you think so
here you can see the price of the liter of fuel gasoline at naphtha is
to 97 points 9 cents per liter so if you watched the video of
when we made the trip to columbia British about two months ago
we pay up to one dollar fifty liter of fuel this
gives you an idea that in this country the prices go up but the prices also
they come down to this price practically the liter of naphtha in two months under 50
dollar cents and yet it is a country where the
annual inflation we have a 22.5 two and half percent annual inflation more
or less and if it’s more fair because when there
some reason for prices to go up goes up but when there’s some reason like
now that the barrel of oil went down a lot of price especially in the
province of alberta then the fuel has also
lowered in price the savings are spent to the consumer and they do not keep
big companies or the big ones entrepreneurs how they both happen in
South America so that’s another of the differences of the big differences
what is between these countries ok next stop the hospital that is
pretty new I think the hospital is less than 10 years old they built this new one because the other
they were repairing it and decided to do this this new for 10 10 more years or
unless it is built it is worth noting also that here in Canada
the medicine is social or that is we are covered by the
government here does not exist what in Argentina are called prepaid or the
private medicine this is all government social
with each of the residents of the citizens we have our card
medical and with that we are covered 100% all absolutely everything is
included with the payment of our taxes and either a visit to the doctor
for something common and simple until a heart transplant is all
totally included and it’s all free we enter the hospitals and
we show the card that has all our information our photo and that
it’s all there they take care of operate it to cure it do what
have to do and when the I disclaim that you can go home
you do not have to pay anything is everything is all covered the only thing that has a
cost are the remedies let’s say the prescriptions that one can
give to take that is yes that you have to buy it but many people have
medical insurance for that and for the cost dental because the dentist
eight years is also covered by the been for the boys but already for the
adults is for each one and So if that’s what insurance
specials that are bought and one has a discount of 80 per
percent when you’re going to get attention to a dentist and when you go to a pharmacy
to buy the remedies let’s say the same with the vets the dog of ours
he has his health insurance and we pay a monthly payment of 30 dollars and is
covered when you have to take it to veterinarian passes some some
little problem because here the vet is very expensive because the costs can be
so high you have to have insurance to be protected
that’s how the system works quintana this is a neighborhood of middle class houses
working class these are the neighborhoods that is how
how this country lives working here everything is possible now that lately
the prices of the properties have gone up a lot because there has been a
very large speculation but now they have started to go down for example a house
that a year ago it was sold in a million two hundred thousand dollars at this moment
dropped to 800 thousand dollars that is to say that there was a reduction of almost almost half
million dollars on the property here everything works so things go up but
at a certain moment they also go down and deflate
that’s that as how the system works here
next stop the schools there are three schools in our neighborhood one that is
catholic for degrees I think one to eight there
another that is public grades one to five and another public that is high school
so now we are passing the catholic there they have it without a forest we are turning right now and
we go to the public first and in the school zones one has to handle
slowly it’s 40 kilometers per hour as maximum while students are in
the school and this is a public school it is a primary school grades 1-5 this is another part of the neighborhood where
we live and as you can appreciate the different types of construction
They vary vary in price and vary in quality there are also some that are
houses that are built in lines they are cheaper then there are the
others that are built glued to another house by a mediator are also
a little more expensive but they also have another cheaper price and then they’re
which are the simple ones that they are alone, those are the most expensive
all because they have more land say they have more mark dyn
and if there is no neighbor that has not yet is bothering with noise or with what
whatever may happen with houses that they are stuck although now we are going to show you the
secondary this would come to be grades 9 to 12
there he studied four years of high school there they have all the school buses
varied basketball courts and there is my school and I study there
four years and good have built more because the school used to be a little more
small but now it has a section completely new and where is dad I say dad
I have dad they left you alone that happened now in a
We’re going to take you to the park to enter to eat lunch and from there they
let’s show a little more of our neighborhood our neighborhood we have already
all the park me here when we go in the houses in canada you have to remove the
shoes and you make a Canadian custom because you enter with the shoes with
snow mud clay that they put so that people do not skate the ice anymore
If you do not take off your shoes, fill the house with of dirt and then yes same two 10 i and it’s ready we all go to the park
i here then now we are in the park
the soccer field playing with the dog there are not many kids because today is the
last day of classes before the winter vacation so still
they are in the André school and this park it’s a public park
the courts that are here like you come there are basketball soccer fields
and they are so you want to use them from the neighborhood can come or from outside where they are
public for everyone in the park that does as it is a public place the dog and the
laws of the city says it has that being in the chain can not be
loose when you walk the trails you also have to clean when the dog
messes up that’s very important when the dog so your needs have to give
with the bags and you have to collect because I think it’s $ 250 if I
they grab one without picking up dirt of the dog and there are posters everywhere
for example there is one there that says no You can smoke within 20 meters of the
soccer field and where they are the spectators is all good
signaled fines and regulations here is the little sign and there they have
the city of brampton that is the different regulations for places
public no motorized vehicles, no fires
open do not throw garbage pick up after of the dog when he needs
the dogs have to be in one in a list on a string on a string and
the phone number a strap the phone number to report all
the infractions that anyone who see a violation called 311 and
immediately an inspector comes here and puts things in their place so that’s why
that you have to be careful it’s like everything
and eggs Y to and they have another sample of what the
things around here this stands out is the lifeguard because a small stream passes
and when it rains a lot I have seen it grow up here is a flow of water
incredible then every 100 meters there a position of this that has the
lifesaver and the stick with the hook in case that someone falls over
water to try to help him in 17 years that we live in this neighborhood never in
no time and I come to park two times per day I miss one of these the
fine for playing this team are two thousand dollars so how come
yourself because this can save you life at some time to someone else
to be human then that is respect what is in this in this place the life
account is respected and everything you buy the city with taxes from the
taxpayers is everyone and nobody has right neither to take it away nor to take it to
his house or the kids fondling him and use it as toys are serious things and
much is respected ok he just did his just
needs and this is what is fair there is the school here they pass by day
hundreds of guys come to play families that come for a walk and it’s not
just let someone leave the dirt of their dog and the law stipulates so or that
here is collected without problems nothing dirty puts his hand inside the
bag as if gloves were collected and goes to the dumps where it is so that
Come and pick her up from the city two three times per week now
ah to to
but in the video we hope that they have
enjoyed our tour of the city of our neighborhood now they give one
best idea of ​​what it’s like to live in Canada have a little idea there is not much
course but in some other videos we are going to tell you there are people who
question how much is earned in this country in I’m going to tell you a little bit
about all that a little bit of information and good a very important thing like
we are always doing these wine food videos I see myself in
the obligation to please ask them to during these holidays and throughout
all the year also if they consume alcohol do not drive a vehicle a scooter what
to be the duty of each one to be responsible
and doing things as they have to to respect others respect the
life and if that’s why I ask you please how simple to have a driver
designated when they go to a party that that is not going to take a taxi and
ask a relative to come to look for anything and if they have more
questions about life in canada Leave us a comment we can do
questions there we will try to answer in the comments or maybe
make a video dedicated to that is the question is highly if this is a
video where there were no stories but they love stories are going to come because I have 3
million of those and this was a video different, more than anything to give
an idea of ​​what is out there not true so thanks for looking at them and
enjoy us I

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