Coping with the HOLIDAYS! – Eating Disorder Video #7 | Kati Morton

Hey! It’s Kati again. Well here we are in the midst of the holidays
and it is crazy. Everybody’s freaking out. People are freaking out that don’t even
have eating disorders to deal with, so I understand you’re really stressed out. And that’s ok. I know that a lot of times we have a lot
of trouble around the holidays because everything seems to revolve around food meeting with friends to give gifts over food Thanksgiving is a meal. Christmas
is a meal a lot of times followed by another meal. And then we have New Year’s which can be about food and drink from midday all the way through midnight. So i know you’re freaking out. It’s okay i’m gonna give you three tips and coping
skills to get you through it and I know this will help trust me, I have worked with hundreds of
patients and these are definitely really helpful
tips. The first one being: Journal. Like I said before in my older videos, you can look them up, always have a journal. Purchase a journal if you don’t have one
and make sure it’s small enough if you’re traveling that you can take it with
you all the time. Maybe fit it in your purse or back pocket or side pocket
whatever you’re traveling with… I want you to have it with you all the
time. And the the reason being is that when you’re feeling really anxious and
stressed out and maybe you can reach somebody because it’s Christmas eve at eight o’clock everyone is
with their families, JOURNAL, tell your journal about it pretend you’re talking to me pretend
your talking to your best friend. You can start out with “today i feel”… or “right now I’m FREAKING OUT and this is why”… you can “list” if you don’t like to
journal. That can kind of help you and like i said before there’s that
journal “All About Me” book that begins little sentences for you, like “I feel
anxious when”… and you can go with that as long as you need to until you feel your
level of anxiety kind of being brought down. Also the other tip that I gave you before: MUSIC. Music can be so influential you know, you’re in the car you know you are just jamming and you feel so relaxed
those of the songs that you should have at this time. Relaxing songs. I don’t want anything with a really
fast beat that can get the anxiety pumping a little
bit more than we need. We want to be relaxed. So make sure that’s available to you. If you’re traveling, put it on
your Ipod, Iphone or whatever you’re bringing with you. If you’re driving somewhere maybe make
sure it’s on a CD and you can throw it in your car and you can listen to it as many times as you need,
just make sure you have it with you. Lastly, I know when your with your family, your friends
for the holidays, sometimes it’s just overwhelming and we tried the music, we
can’t really journal, we’re in the middle of a “freak out” STEP AWAY
you can go somewhere for just a minute if it’s in
the room like “Hey! let me take a jacket for you I’ll put it in with the coats” walk in the room, shut the door for a
minute, just have a breather. It’s okay, take a little time for yourself Ahhh…
and then we go back. Because the most important thing about
the holidays… the people. It’s not about the food. It’s about the people. A lot of times those
friends and family members we don’t get to see them all year, until this holiday and they want to know what’s going on with
you. They love you. They want to hear about what’s happening
in your life, and they want to tell you. I want you to be able to be “present”.
We’re gonna get through this together and I would also encourage you to comment below to leave questions or comments. You can
find me on Facebook and Twitter. we can be talking and commenting and everybody giving advice to each other
through this. Wouldn’t that be great? you shoot out a tweet “I’m really freaking out, my grandma
made this, I used to binge on it” and somebody can respond really quickly “hey I used do that
to you, know what i do to help myself out”? Share that advice, this is a great place to
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