Costa Rica family vacation home for rent (Beachfront) – Playa Negra

This is Castillo
Del Mar it is probably best described as a Costa Rican
vacation home for rent. It’s located in Playa
Negra, Costa Rica which is on the west coast. It’s about 25 minutes
south of Tamarindo which is the largest
city in the area. It is about an hour
and ten minute drive from the Liberian
Airport, to the coast. The house itself
is a four story, four bedroom, three
bath, it sleeps eight, in individual bedrooms, but there is a fold
away bed which also sleeps two more if necessary. The house, the reason I
say it great for family is the layout of the house. On the second floor
there is a pool and around the pool you
have three bedrooms, one of which is a master suite. So if you have kids
and kind of want to keep an eye on them, but at the same time
you want your privacy it works out real good. There’s also on
the kitchen level which is the third floor
another master bedroom with an individual bath that makes it better
if you’re going there with couples or if you
have an older child that wants a little
more freedom. As far as what to do. Oh let me add to
that on the house if you see the fourth
floor is absolutely amazing you have an overlook
of the ocean. It’s just great to
have dinner at night watch the sunset,
it’s just wonderful. The house does have what I
would call a semi-private beach. When the water is in
there is a sand beach at the bottom of the cliff
there for the kids to play in when the
water goes out they can play in the tide pools. Let’s see you also
have in the area, as far as what kids can do,
obviously play in the water, play in the beach,
there’s surf lessons. A lot of wildlife in
the area so depending on the time of the
year you can see whales just off the patio and they’ll just be right off the coast, obviously monkeys
which is very common you will see those. At the perfect time
of year you can actually save sea turtles
which is pretty neat. So lot’s to do for the kids. For the parents. You have Tamarindo which is
close and so you can go there if you want to go out
and have some drinks. Go shopping in the
area, you also have in the area zip lining
obviously things of that nature. You have one of the best
restaurants in the world and I’m not exaggerating it’s
just right down the street it’s Villa Vienna I believe. I’ll put it in the
description below, but it’s absolutely incredible. And then on top of
that you have a bunch of beach bars I highly
recommend Lola’s it’s right around the corner. Think Corona commercial
and then you get the idea. The house is managed
by Jerry Guidry he’s with Playa Negra
Vacation Rentals. He’s an American and
has lived down there for about i think a decade
and lives with his wife and his kids in
the neighborhood. So if you’re interested
just feel free to give him a call or
shoot him an email.

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