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Everything I expected. I’ve been in these before never disappointed. This one I think is gonna be the one. I’m gonna find somebody. No complaints. In fact, I think this is probably the best ones that I’ve seen. To fit all the categories in attractive and nice girls and stuff that I like more than I could even think of. hard part is just trying to go and found
that just a couple and continuing to see where it goes from there I got to meet pretty much. I don’t think there’s any women I didn’t get to say hi to. I got to every single table. The time seems sometimes a little less but like when you’re having a great time I guess you know, time seems to creep on you real quick and you gotta head to the next table. I have nothing but great things to
say about it. For one thing I’m already in the process of getting a rental property and in the future I plan to move in here if I can get some relationship started even before I actually move here. The staff here in Costa Rica: Gustavo and Andrea. They do a wonderful job. If they don’t
have the answer before you write that in there, they will have it with you as soon as possible. Phone numbers, contact women other than the women not be able to contact back. You know, 90 plus percent you know you’re getting a response from every girl. They’ll make sure they get in touch Subscribe and like us to keep receiving
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