Couples Vacation Trailer (2018) Amy Acker, David Arquette Comedy Movie

you guys have to meet it’s just for five days sweetie we’re just going on a grown-up vacation did you know there were animals [Music] what is just waiting for Michael Myers to jump out [Music] who are you [Music] we can just crash here we won’t bother you guys back there where’s the trailer shaking you’re having your reception weird [Music] welcome to Green Acres how much Google stocking didn’t do this guy to work on staying here for us you’re staying for Magic Mike you sound like Jack if he were a goat they’re getting out of here tonight take a lair anywhere but here we are supposed to be saving our marriage but all you have done is be due downer stop about what I want what he wants did you just quote the notebook correct [Applause] [Music] but you are what you do are two completely different things [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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