Cover 3 Cloud vs Trips Formations

Silver’s our role coverage, when we… when
we’re playing a Tampa, we like to call Silver for our check out of our Tampa set. We feel
like it keeps the idea consistent. I know it’s different coverage, but it keeps the
idea a little bit more consistent. We tell this corner your a flat slice player, if you
would draw cover 3 up on the board, that corner or that free safety, whoever’s outside of
#2 there, when their playing cover 3 their going to work out in that area, and that’s
the difference, now the corner’s going to work inside. We’re not going to get hands
on #1. We’re going to work a slice technique with this corner, be extremely aggressive
with getting him involved. He’s the player of the day you can account for when your rolling
the coverage, so we want to be sneaky with him and try to get him involved as much as
we possibly can. Tell him to go make a play. Um, pretty simple concept between the free
safety and boundary safety, free safety’s going to work overtop of the deep 3rd. Boundary
safety working also to the middle 3rd. Again, I can’t emphasize this enough but we talk
with our safeties about shuffle, shuffle , crossover, run, push for depth in the middle of the field
and then the deep player. Now that’s not something that they’re necessarily use to doing, although
working in the middle of the field they’re very use to doing so we want to work for depth.
This strong safety, very important now, again he’s working away. He’s working to the passing
strength here, so again we’ve got the passing strength up. alright. Now tight end in the
ball game so that strong safety’s going to the passing strength And where we’re going
to align him, we’re going to start him outside in an Apex position, between a #2 and #3,
and before the ball snap he’s actually going to move to it. You know, head up to inside
position of #3 to allow that corner to work to the football. Alright, we want to give
that corner plenty of space, want to make sure our distribution is right. And then allow
for that space there. Like I said, we’re going to slice that corner, uh, we tell the corner
bottom line you’re taking away hitch and slant right now. your going to react to the outcut
but your taking away hitch and slant by your alignment right now. Um, any sort of sprint
out game, we’ve got this here in the spring so this is awesome. Any sort of sprint out
game, that’s not something that the corner’s necessarily looking for. He’s reading high
hat, low hat you know through #3. So when we did get some sprint out, it kinda caught
us off guard being aggressive, we just need to turn, run, and find the nearest flat threat.
So that corner’s got to be heavy and hard on the corner’s flat threat there by the trips.
Um, our wily linebacker here, he’s curl first, flat second, really trying to look up #1 um
and then If you no #1, 1 goes away, what’s now coming back across the field. So many
times we just kind of turn and run out there and we’re looking at #1 and 1’s running a
vertical. We never recognize these routes coming back across the field. So we’ve got
to be smart with that player to make sure he understands that if, you know, and no #1
was coming back across the field. Ok, in this picture here you can see a corner, a corner
starting to slice in, ok, we’re going to slice in with this corner here, and we’re going
to really try to work and take away route by one of these two players and that’s the
reason why we’re doing it. Again, this ball is on the far hash , You take a look at the
alignment. Find # 1 here, he’s at the top of his numbers. That’s going to take a heck
of a throw to throw the ball out to him. So bottom alignment, take away hitches slant,
your even going to move inside just a little bit more. Typically what we like to do is
mess around with our linebackers alignment here. Again, there’s your target inset, ok
so we’ve got a will lineback to the tight end, he’s going to be in an apex position,
but he can walk out here just to kind of mess around a little bit. Stand over top of #2
and when the ball snaps get into a try apex position in between #2 and #3. Corner is going
to slice down. Safety is reaped for high hat, low hat. Shuffle, shuffle,. cross over Ron,
Now he’s overtop of #3. He’s ranked 2 to1. as he’s doing that to make sure he gets his
eyes on #2 here, this is a little bit difference, this is a different concept for him. We got
to push our middle of the field player by boundary safety. Corner with a single wide
receiver, he’s think to himself this things almost due coverage I’m almost man to man
on this guy. NO bodies going to help me on a combat, no bodies going to help me on a
curl, well, we will get help on a curl but nobodies going to help him to speed out so
he’s thinking almost like this is man to man coverage for him. The key, this will cover
just make sure this guy over here triggers and is overly aggressive. Want to make sure
we get him involved I


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