D23 Expo: Disney Parks Pavilion Tour

(upbeat rock music) – If you are a Disney fan,
this is where you wanna be. The D23 Expo. The ultimate Disney fan
event in Anaheim, California. Here is where we celebrate
the Walt Disney Company, its past, present, future. It’s where you can find the
latest news and information from Disney, Marvel,
Pixar, Star Wars, and more. One of the most exciting places to take a look into the
future is right here at the Disney Parks Pavilion where we’re imagining tomorrow, today. Now Stephanie, what can guests find here at the Disney Parks Pavilion? – Well, we have so many great things to share with our guests this
year at the Parks Pavilion. We have new themed lands
to share with them. We have new rides like the Tron ride coming to Magic Kingdom. We have Mickey and
Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and of course, the Epcot transformation. – The Epcot transformation, we gotta get a closer look at that. Jodi, lots going on at Epcot. – Yes there is. It’s an epic transformation, the scale of which
we’ve never done before. We’re adding new magic and storytelling to the experiences for our guests. And this model is an artful interpretation of legacy and new content that
we’re gonna be developing. The media wall itself is
all of the concept art that the team has been developing
over the past few years that really celebrates the legacy pieces that we brought back and
then some new pieces as well. – [Justin] And some new
announcements already. – Yes, Bob Chapek recently announced our first ever Moana inspired attraction at one of our theme parks
where guests can actually interact and play with magic living water. – Now Caroline, what is going on in here? – So the idea is that Tony Stark has come to the D23 Expo to showcase the Global Avengers Initiative, which is the Avengers campus
in Disneyland California and the campus in Disneyland Paris, as well as the partnerships with the Worldwide Engineering
Brigade and Pym Technologies. – That sounds amazing. So what’s the big news? – We’re so excited. Our chairman Bob Chapek
has announced the name of the land in both Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris,
which is Avengers Campus. – That sounds incredible. I can’t wait to check it out. Ann Morrow, what is this? – Well Justin, I am so excited
to share for the first time the Halcyon. This is the starship that guests will get to sleep aboard when they join us for Star Wars: Galactic
Starcruiser at Walt Disney World. Guests will get to spend multiple days living on board this star
cruiser, engaging with characters and having all kinds of
exclusive on-board activities. – This is amazing. As you can see, lots
coming to Disney parks all around the world. And still more announcements
to come here at the D23 Expo. So make sure you stay tuned
to the Disney Parks Blog for all the upcoming
news and announcements throughout the weekend. And we’ll see you real soon.


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