David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 1.2

– You got it? – Yeah. – Oh, no, no, he’s doing great. Show him your 30-day chip. – Huh? – I left it as a tip at the Denny’s. – Understood. – Carleen, I gotta say, I can’t believe you
didn’t call me the minute, the minute that you heard this information. – Well, it’s private. I didn’t want to betray Margaret’s confidence. – Well, that’s reasonable.
– That’s a stupid thing to say, Carleen. – Oh! Sisters. – No, I’m sorry for them, and this, this is
a tragedy for all of us, but I hope they don’t think they can not pay, because it’s an equal
split between four couples. And none of us want to be covering them with
the economy such a piece of shit right now. – Oh, I think the economy’s doing much better. We re-mortgaged at a very good rate despite
Joe’s credit. – Carleen, do you have to narrate every fucking
thing, all right? It’s like living with David fucking Attenborough. Oh! – Joe! – Oh, God, Joe. – Oh, this news has been hard for all of us. – It’s fine. It’s fine. I’m just a little carsick. – He’s coming off drugs. – Oh! – I can’t believe Margaret didn’t call me. I’m the person people call. People come to me. I’m their soft place to fall,
their touchstone. – You’ve been so busy planning this trip. I guess she just wanted to give you the space
to do that. – Well, yeah, I’ve been organizing it, because
I’m the touchstone. – And by the way, it is wonderful so far. I ate one of those nut and seed bars. It was nice. – Oh, that’s bird food. Congratulations, Walt. You ate bird food. – Oh. I heard they didn’t have much of a sexual
dynamic either. Miguel and Margaret. You know. It’s never too late. – Hello, mis amigos. – Look, your friend. Go get him. George is here. – OK, sure. – Ah! – Hey! – Brother! – Brother! – My brother! – My brother! – You’re so weird. Carleen and I are sisters. – Hi. – We don’t call each other “sister.” – You’re not related. – I mean, hey, – Hey.
– you know? We’ll call each other sisters. Hello, sister. This is great. This is so awesome, huh? – Welcome. – You are 45. You old piece of shit. – Well, you’re not too far behind me, you
old piece of shit, so I guess we’re just two old pieces of shit. – I guess we are. I guess we are. – Let’s have a beer. Let’s have a beer.
– Yes. I need a beer! – Come on. – Yes. – Honey? – Yeah! – Beer? – Yes. Yes, yes.
– Come on. Thank you. – Great. – Well, cheers. – Cheers, cheers, cheers, cheers. – Cheers to you, you old motherfucker. – You old motherfucker. – Women may think those things, but they don’t
say ’em. – Wow, this is gonna be so fun. – Yes. – Yeah. – You know what? It might not be fun. It might not be fun at all. I have something horrible to tell everyone. Margaret has left Miguel for a waiter. – At 9021Pho. – Oh. – I’m gonna go get, uh, settled in, OK? – Did you already know too? – Uh, yeah. You know, Margaret actually told me a couple
weeks ago. Um, she was kind of going through it and- – A couple of weeks ago? – It might have been less than that, but I
didn’t meet him until her birthday. – Oh, you met him? – Kind of? Um, I’m gonna go unpack
my stuff, OK? – This is really great. – Yeah. Isn’t it? – Does every tent have just one mattress? – We’re sleeping on a rug mattress. – Missed one. – Walter, what? – I’m just huddling for warmth.
Isn’t that what they say to do? – Well, I am getting tomorrow in order. Special day. – I know you. You already have
tomorrow in order. So lay the binder down. – I need to run through it in my head one- – Will you just put the binder down, Kathryn?


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