Day in the Tent || Four-Season Winter Tent Camping

We slept in our friend Brian’s four
season tent last night. He moved into a cabin yesterday so he’s letting us stay here for a couple days if we want to. We woke up probably every hour at least
through the night. Got very little to no sleep. What keeps a four season tent warm
in the winter is a wood stove and in order to keep the wood stove going you
got to put wood in the freakin stove. There’s probably a method to the madness
but I don’t know what that is. We woke up at the butt crack of dawn
and now we’re just awake so I’m gonna make some tea
and some toast and start my day. I gotta chop a lot of wood today so..
survival PB&J. It only took about 2 hours by we’re currently at like 83/84
degrees in here . So last night we ran out wood which sucked because it got cold. So
today I’m gonna process all the wood that we have here and then I might go
find another dead standing tree to take down. Are you real?!?! This is gonna be our dinner
it’s some rice mixed with kimchi that one of our friends made for us. and then Kamp’s food is some sardines,
oats, olive oil, black beans, carrots, kale. I make his food every night. Okay. Good boy. so we’re going to town to get some work
done. We didn’t have much Sun today so our battery is pretty low so we’re
gonna run into town and use some town battery. That’s what’s great about this
goal zero battery is that it connects right to the standard carport thing. It’s goin high. Sweet, so now
we’ll be collecting energy as we drive into town. Hop up. Hop up. Hop up. Come on! Hop up! Hop up!! Hi little bird. Hello. Hello Internet!!!! We slept in the Scamp last night because
that tent is freakin cold if you don’t do it right. This stuff is called fat wood. It has all kinds of sap stuck in it. It’s super sticky that’s
why everything’s stuck to it but it burns really really really well. We got a bunch of coals
in there from last night. What we’re trying to do with this stove
is bring all the coals and all the fire to the very front because this is where the air comes from
is this very center two holes right here. And then the rest of it goes up
and out the chimney. Making (organic) cookies for breakfast. 😀 Oh yeah, now it’s REALLY goin. Barron! I feel like he’s happier here than
anywhere I’ve ever seen him. I just finished braiding my hair and
Barron insisted that we match so I’m gonna braid his hair. That’s a good look the way it is! It’s not warm right now, he’s not gonna burn himself. He really loves this stove. The final result. So pretty. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Lets take a moment to release
any unwanted tension you can do this by rolling
out your neck in a circular motion. It’s Thanksgiving today so we’re leaving
the tent. Leaving the tent. Look at this black vest Now look what I’m wearing. Sick braids and a nice black vest. when we spend so much time together
I feel like we naturally just evolve into one style. It’s kinda like five people that you surround yourself
with most you become a mixture of. You can just call me Barron. You can call me Princess Elsa.


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