We love you, DAY6! They’re one of a kind and you can see how genuine their love for music is. They’re very inspirational. If you have struggles in life You can hold on to their music. We, students, are inspired by their music. Their music relieves our stress. Because of their good releases They’ve been releasing really good tracks and I just can’t help but fall in love with them. I was really struck by Wonpil’s message and it made me cry. My heart is really fluttering For DAY6, thank you for always making us smile. You’ll always be in my heart. We will just be here for you. My Days love you so much and please come back. Continue to inspire us. Continue to inspire people and enjoy life. Thank you very much. We love you. You know what, it’s great to be back and it’s all because of you, guys. Thank you. Maraming salamat. We always love you, guys. We will come back. Thank you, guys so much and I don’t think I’ll be able to forget Manila. I’m really appreciative of the fact that we have you guys, that you guys have us. And that, we could be each other’s reason to continue. You guys made me happy. Thank you so much.


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