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What makes a company successful? Is it the place of origin? Is it the headquarters? Is it the office spaces? Is it the work environment? Is it the equipment? Is it the innovation? Is it the expertise? Is it the market? or Is it the people? Here, at dcs plus, we know it is the people because the people are all of these and in all of these.
It’s all about the people, about their ideas and passion to make all of these relevant
and we, the people from dcs plus, are committed to thousands of people
working in the travel industry and for millions of people who travel
around the world while using our solutions and services. We develop various technologies for the
travel industry while innovating products and services that
help travel professionals expand their business and we help their customers get
the best, seamless travel experience in the easiest way. We’re new in the market,
we started only in 2003. Since then, we’ve been
connecting travel with technology responding to the ever-changing needs
of the industry professionals. We realized from the very beginning that
we were developing business critical solutions and, if you’re handing the business to your partner,
you really need to trust him, don’t you? Hundreds of travel professionals cannot be wrong.
They trust us, they rely on our solutions. We focus on technology so our
clients can focus on travel and on delivering the best experience to their
own customers. We have clients all over the world.
Diversity of languages, cultures, business models and ideas, we embrace it all and we adapt our solutions
to best server our customer’s needs. Being a company with a global view,
we go beyond technology, offering connected consultancy services able to support our customers decisions.
…and we are very proud of our work. Many global industry players have grown using our products.
We are engineers! We are computer scientists!
We are techies ! It is so inspiring for us for us being part
of a great team and having the chance of shaping the
future of global travel industry. We grow together with dcs plus, our clients
and the travel industry. Every day is challenge but the upgrade ourselves
on a daily basis We built trust and confidence during all
these years in which we delivered consistent, differentiated and valuable
customer experiences. This is the reason why we have never lost a customer. And above all, the mindset is the most important. And our mind is set to lead the way
through innovation.


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