Dialogue Lesson 56 – English Online Course Languages247 – Planning The Holidays

Welcome to dialogue 56! I am glad you are feeling better John! No one is happier than me! No man can live his life without a few health problems. None of the tests showed you have any complications. We can plan the holidays. Have you got any barbecue sauce? There is none left. I thought we had some jars but you say there are none left. None of the shops had stocked up. All of the booking sites that I looked for on the internet had interesting offers. Even though it is the last minute, not all of the holidays have been booked. Some are left. I think the birds have eaten all the food I put out for them. I think we are all wrong about the birds. All I could see were squirrels. Anyway, I want to know everything about the holidays. Most holiday packages are full board. I would like to eat most of the meals in the town, it is more cosmopolitan. Imagine if all of the other people in the hotel come from England. I will look at each hotel, to find the best deal. Each one has its own charm. I would like to know the whole story. Tell me when you have finished your research.

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