Did Sara Pascoe mistakenly go to Central America on Holiday? – Would I Lie to You?

– I once booked a holiday to Costa
Rica because I thought it was in Spain. – LAUGHTER – I only realised my mistake when I
sat down on the plane. – David’s team. – Where is Costa Rica? – It’s in…between um… America and South America. – OK.
– Central America, they call it.
– Sorry?
– Central America.
– Yeah. And you realised when you sat down
on the plane?
– Yes.
– What made you realise? – When you sit down on a plane, it
has a chair in front of you, unless you’re the pilot, and it has
a little square on it with the map that you’re going to go on. And it says how long the flight is
going to be. And this flight said 14.5 hours. Which I thought was a long time to
get to Spain. And…
– Suddenly, you’re a geography
expert. – Anyway, so it had all of the dots and the dots were going away from
Europe to Central America. – And who were you with?
– Myself. By myself. – Where were you going at the time?
Was this a holiday? – Um, yes. I was going to do a yoga
retreat. – And when you booked the flight, was there no information about the
landing time?
– No. I booked the holiday, and this is bad, on a lunchbreak on
my iPhone, while crying. So I was paying so little attention.
– OK. – I’d just broken up with my
boyfriend and the only time I had off work was
Christmas and New Year. I decided that rather than being sad
in the UK, I was going to go away and do something like really
healthy. – So, how did Costa Rica come into
the picture? – Well, I was Googling yoga retreats
and it said Costa Rica. Costa Brava,
Costa del Sol… – And in your mind, you’ve always
associated Costa Rica…? Oh, I see. – Yes, in Spain.
– Costa del Sol.
– Yes!
– Well, there is a logic to it. – Of course!
– OK, yeah. LAUGHTER – I love the way you do that… I love the way you turned as if it
was them that didn’t quite understand that. – Did you get that from the off? – Rob, I’m going to break the news
gently. You’re the only one in the room that
hadn’t actually thought of that. – I hadn’t. I hadn’t put two and two
together. – Do you make this mistake all the
time? When you go to Costa Coffee, do you think – that was a lot
quicker than I thought?
– Yeah! – It’s swings and roundabouts, isn’t
it? – The first time. The first time.
– APPLAUSE – Now, what was it like?
– Costa Rica? Um, because it’s not
in Spain, there’s lots of different insects and scorpions that we don’t
have in Europe, that we’ve banished. And they’ve all gone to Costa Rica. – What insects do you remember? – Tarantulas.
– They’re not insects, they’re
– All right, David. OK. – Oh, let’s be factually inaccurate,
shall we? That never causes any
problems, as you enter the ninth hour of your
flight! Spiders are not insects, Costa Rica
is not in Spain.
– OK. – This is why education is so
important! – All this anger towards me, all of
a sudden! – I’ve just got one more question.
Did you see any monkeys?
– Yes. – What kind?
– Black and white ones. – This has all been noted. Continue. – Did that help? The monkeys?
– Yes. – Do you remember how you paid for
– On a debit card.
– Right. – Cos things are going fine! – Did you not think – it’s a little
bit over the Spanish budget? – No, I didn’t, actually. There’s a
couple of factors just to take into
consideration. Number one, it was over Christmas,
New Year, so everything’s much more expensive.
– You were going away for
Christmas?! On your own to a yoga retreat?!
– She’d just split up with her
boyfriend! Show some sympathy! – She was crying in her lunch hour.
– Poor girl.
– Yeah, but you don’t want to be on
your own at Christmas. – Don’t fall for this, it’s the
classic Brydon chat up line. – LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE
– Say, “Yes, I do,” just say that. – I’ve got a flat in the centre of
town. You should come round there. All right, what do you think? Is she
telling the truth?
– I’ve got a few problems with this. I think you can get there faster
than 14.5 hours and there are howler monkeys
everywhere. That’s why I asked her the monkey
– Ah.
– Are they black and white?
– No! – Ooh, what colour’s a howler
– Sort of, I’m going to say, russet. – You used to be russet, didn’t you,
Steve? – LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE – Certain areas, still a bit. – So, what are you thinking?
– I don’t… What do you think? – I actually now think it’s a lie.
I’m with you.
– We’ll go lie. – So, Sara, was it true, or was it a
lie? – It was… ..true.
– APPLAUSE It’s true! Sara did go on holiday to Costa Rica
because she thought it was in Spain. – Disappointing for us at this
stage, but the good news is a third of
their team is an idiot. – LAUGHTER
– I think you’ll find it’s
two-thirds! – Yes, of course!
– Don’t forget me, David, come on!

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