Discover Argentina with Sprachcaffe!

[Music] I’m Sebastian have been working as a tool leader and in tourism for the last 15 years on well experience in Argentina and South America in Argentina we go waterfalls glaciers mountains wine and lovely people I would say tango and football in strata fair we would like to welcome any German person any European that would like to visit this land as well we recommend travelling in a car we can rent cars for you all the way down to the lovely fur famous place Patagonia you can come to Argentina any time I would say that during winter time you can go skin we have great places for skin I would say inch wire which is the southernmost city in the world it’s a great place for skiing as well bariloche a plateful scheme which is quite next to a very nice wine area if i describe a little bit more of the country i would say that we can travel north and visit the waterfalls call us to water forces where we as well have some wetlands the coca dryads happy virus and coming down to bonus hiatus of course great as others mistake great wine and time don’t miss it [Music]

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