Do The Stoics Hate Fun? | Ryan Holiday | Stoic Thoughts #11

alright, so there’s this idea that
stoicism is about resignation it’s about not having any emotions it’s it’s about
sort of stripping the fun out of life it’s not a totally unfair interpretation
if you think about it only in the terms of what is in the writings right Marcus
really says I’m right about how laughing is fun and jokes are funny he doesn’t
write about how sex feels nice you know he doesn’t write about how food tastes
good he doesn’t really even talk that much about friendship why cuz these
things are like intuitively obvious right I think what you have to
understand about something like meditations is that it’s primarily a
series of reminders that one guy needed in his life as he was writing it and
that he never thought anyone else would see so it’s like if someone looked at my
journal they would see me talking to myself
about what I had the most trouble with they wouldn’t see me talking about the
things that I’m pretty good at right or that I have down pat or that earlier in
my life I struggled with or that later in my life I’m going to deal with and so
there is sort of a publication bias in meditations even in even in Seneca which
is like a letter to his friend it’s primarily about what he thought that guy
needed to hear even epictetus if you think about epictetus is the lecture
notes from epictetus his lectures from one of his students so it’s what that
guy Aryan who is who is recording it’s what
he liked what he thought needed to be written down and so I would just caution
it’s not the whole picture I think there’s there’s almost nothing that we
think is important today that we value that the Stokes probably wouldn’t agree
with in one way or another with in moderation
it’s just they didn’t feel they need to specifically call it out in the writings
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