Do You Need Qualifications To Be a Travel Agent – My Opinion on Getting Started as a Travel Agent

Do You Need Qualifications To Be a Travel Agent what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again in today’s video we want to talk about do you need
qualifications to become a travel agent so the answer to your question is no not
necessarily here’s why I say that here’s what I
recommend nowadays it is easier than ever to
become a certified travel agent now I recommend partnering with a host agency
okay reason being all of the network has been
done for you you don’t have to wait and get on this get this big certificate in
the man to take the course just to become certified because with the host
agency all you have to do is enroll partner with them and you automatically
become certified and have the ability to book and sell and earn commissions off
travel as soon as you grow okay now there are courses and different
certifications you can get along the way to further your travel knowledge which
is highly recommended so if you want to be a trouble professional I recommend
following up on the umbrella of a host agency so you can have all the resources
tools and everything you need at your fingertips okay so I want to recommend a
company that I’ve been working with because I was new to the travel industry
and by me not having any knowledge of how to get started to travel agent it
was very very very helpful to me because everything I needed was ala from the the
upper of the host agency everything I Do You Need Qualifications To Be a Travel Agent needed was in the back office fires the
tools the training the resources everything I needed was right at my
fingertips I had assets I have time pad tons of support so guys if you serious
about the travel industry and you wanna join and be a travel agent follow up on
the host agency which I’m for the record man to you all in a few minutes and make
sure you stay tuned in this video because I’m gonna share a presentation
with you Bob we’re in a way everything was easy step-by-step instructions of
what direction to go in so you won’t be spinning your wheels wasting a lot of
time trying to figure out where the rest of the tape
everything is step by step for you and lay it out for you so through the gentle
roll you have your own website you have a booking engine everything laid out for
you so you can start earning commissions right away so do you need qualification
to become a certified travel engine no especially when you follow up on our
host agency of the era do the legwork for you already
so I recommend don’t waste time trying do it on your own go ahead and partner
with the host agency start your own travel agency in a bill to travel to
okay so just gonna share that with you guys partner with the host agency follow
up on the on brother get certified Beasley and further education and the
ongoing process okay courses everything you need you can take along the way as
you work okay the more you learn the more you will okay so learn along the
way while making money okay so that’s my time watch this presentation by clicking
the link below this video I just want to share this with you also if you serious
about giving to the travel industry click that link below watch this
presentation and I will see you guys on the
sighs herring questions please leave a comment below this video
all right Larry for designer girl fans happy marketing Do You Need Qualifications To Be a Travel Agent

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