Dominican Republic Vacation: Day 3

Dad, have you ever noticed that… you have a really bad hairline. Yes, I have. Thank you for mentioning it. You know it’s a special occasion when mom puts on a strapless bra. Mom, I bet you can find you a man down there with all those guys selling stuff. I’ve gotta man. Oh… That’s debatable. Whoever took that picture your mom’s a hoe! Is that allowed? Is that allowed? Is that allowed? Oh, hello everyone. I think we are going to catch a vainosaurus in her natural habitat Oh, she’s taken more pictures. Guess what? If you don’t look good in four, you’re just ugly. Just look at her. How vain! Oh, selfie. Oh, camera loves you, baby. Oh, very seldom do we see one in their natural habitat. This is awesome. Pictures? I gotta get out of here. I’m on my period, Mom! Quit, get that off video. Camille, I have a question for you. What? Is it true that you were in the bed the other day with mom and you put your finger accidentally in her mouth and then you got mad at her because your finger got wet. Yeah. Do you think that’s a little over excessive? Her mouth should have been closed.

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