Dreaded QnA time in the holidays [Happy Together/2019.09.26]

Lastly, Changhoon is up. There are many things that upset us on holidays. Changhoon will have to receive personal questions from his relatives. This is a good one. Questions will come from seven of your relatives. (The final step of holidays: The dreaded QnA) – Changhoon, it’s good to see you. / – Right. – Hello. / – How old are you this year? – I know you’re old but… / – I was born in 1980. My goodness. I hear that you’re an actor, but are you even on TV? Why would you ask that? Only those popular show themselves on TV. He only does small plays in Daehak-ro. Aren’t actors supposed to be handsome? – I… / – There’s no need to upset him. From 5 a.m. to midnight, I watch TV every day to see when Changhoon will show himself. He’s not on “National Singing Contest” or… You know, you should think about marrying someone and then building your career. Is he seeing someone? Does he have a girlfriend? How are we related by the way? Who is she the wife of? – What’s going on? / – Whoever we are, we just asked the worst questions and I love it. Wait, look who’s on TV. Isn’t that your friend Jung Haein? – Goodness. / – Look. Uncle, can you get me Jung Haein’s autograph? – You’re his friend. / – Get lost. What? (Get lost.) (He loses his patience.) – What was that? / – What? I don’t need you giving me a hard time as well. – Get lost? / – That was the first thing I said. – Exactly. / – Where did he learn – all this rudeness? / – No way. – Uncle… / – He’s only five, you know. He’s five? – Yes, he’s five. / – I’m loving this though. Out of everything he could’ve said, I loved that he chose “Get lost.” I was told to get lost. That was great. So let’s choose who did the best today. I know everyone was great but… They all did a great job. “Get lost” is a front-runner. (This award is given for a happy holiday.) (2019 Chuseok Special) (Happy Together Best Improvisation) (Kim Eungsoo, the master of explosive anger) (Kim Sangho who only made the situation worse) (Park Haesoo listened to what his wife was saying.) (Lee Changhoon with the solution of the year) I liked the scenes, especially the ones by Eungsoo. They were silly and entertaining. I liked the patient response by Haesoo too. So who’s in first place? Well, in my opinion… (He’s looking forward to it.) Could you give this to Changhoon? Thank you. Get lost! (Get lost!) Thank you. (Changhoon wins the event.) We only put together this improvisation

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