DreamTrips Mother Daughter Experiences

[Music] This is our mother, daughter
trip. We’ve never done anything like
this before. And WorldVentures has made this
dream a reality for us. I took my daughter and we had a
mommy daughter day. And we went to the extreme
snorkeling, we got to repel, we got to zip line. We just got done snorkeling,
before that we were kayaking. We got to see some awesome fish
didn’t we? –Yeah. –Yeah we were checking out fish
and coral. –Yes. What else? [Both] And some sea grass Unbelievable
it’s nothing like you can ever imagine. [Both] We’re from Chicago. –The best part of this trip has
been having the time to spend together. Our lives have kind of taken
different paths, children, grandchildren. And just having this time
together has been amazing. [Music] Wait, I’m so stuck. When you travel on a DreamTrip
it’s about the experience. It’s an experience of a
lifetime. Absolutley. It is the time of our lives. Absolutley having a blast with
my girls here. Ahh [Laughter] Everyone here, all of the
people, so nice. Everybody’s so friendly. Everyone here just wants to see
you have fun. We are having an absolute blast. This is our first time in Mexico
and I’m sure it will not be our last. You want to travel. You want to be around the world. It’s easy to do it if you’re in
WorldVentures. I don’t know many people who can
actually say they swam with a dolphin, but I can say I did. [Both] Thank you DreamTrips. Third time we’ve been on a DreamTrip. We are loving this? –Yeah. –Yeah we’re loving it. We will definitely be on the
next trip. Thank you WorldVentures.

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