DreamTrips Platinum Perks

Buenos dias, Josh Paine
CEO of Rovia here. I’m super excited to share
with you the brand new platinum member benefit we
just rolled out. You might have seen the email
but I wanted to be able to tell you in person this is a
game changer, a total game changer. We want you to be able to go
anywhere you’ve ever desired on your next DreamTrip. So here’s how we’re gonna do
it, we’re gonna give you 50% more platinum benefit. That’s right 50%, that’s 150%
more than it is currently today. Currently you get 20%, now you
get 50% more than any other member benefit level. This is huge guys and that’s
not all, on top of that currently you get one day
advance notice, now we’re gonna give you 7 days advance
notice, that’s right 7 days advance notice. What does that mean? It means like you never have
to not go on your next DreamTrip. So stop making excuses, go
book your next DreamTrips.com now. Seriously go book it. What are you still doing here? Guys I said go book it. Book right here, see this, see
this link, go book it now book your next DreamTrips.com and
have a blast. Can’t wait to see you there,

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