Dujun and Gikwang’s first day of “Highman Action Tour” [Battle Trip/2018.03.18]

Okay then. Should we start with our team? Go to Manchester first? – Yes. / – Your team name? To tell you about our team name… To tell you what it is… – We took the High from Highlight. / – High. And the Man from Manchester. 2, 3. HighMan Tour! Oh, what a fail. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – I’m Yoon Dujun of Highlight. I’m Lee Gikwang. – That’s right. / – Nice to meet you. (The idol you want as your boyfriend, Yoon Dujun) (Thief of girls’ hearts with dancing shoes, Lee Gikwang) Thief of girls’ hearts. (Idols who are known as hardcore soccer fans) From what I hear… – This is your third time already. / – That’s right. This is Lim Hyungjun’s third time too. He has won all of his battles too. – I won all my battles too. / – Really? This is a death match. The losing team can’t star on Battle Trip after this. I can see Dujun is getting competitive. I think we should visit the birthplace of soccer. How about we visit Manchester. – Park Jisung shoots! / – Park Jisung! – Goal. / – Goal. – Park Jisung goals! / – I miss that. – Park Jisung… / – It’ll destroy my mind. My mind is already destroyed. They’re good at soccer. Lee Gikwang flies down the field. Yoon Dujun shoots… Goal! (Idols that love soccer) Did you really go there? (From playing soccer to watching the match) (A to Z about soccer!) (You thought it was over, right?) Amazing. (Activities that will help you de-stress) Wow. What is that? This is amazing. Unbelievable. That looks like fun. It’s a soccer tour. But soccer in some ways… You can love it or hate it. – There’s a division. / – That’s right. We’ll divide the trip into two sections. One day, we’ll fill with activities that suit a holiday trip. And the rest will be soccer. They should’ve gone all in with soccer. – Then we would’ve won. / – Right. They are smarter than they look. HighMan! HighMan! – HighMan! / – They did a lot. – You went to a lot of places. / – Tour! Good job. (HighMan Action Tour) (HighMan Football Tour) (Incheon International Airport) Welcome on board. – Thank you. / – Lee Gikwang. – It’s your first time on Battle Trip. / – Yeah. – That’s right. / – You must feel unfamiliar. Very unfamiliar. It will be. Actually… – You look more afraid than excited. / – Right. Don’t worry about it. If you just trust and follow me, this will be a valuable trip. – Yeah? / – Let’s go. Okay. – Let’s go. / – Yes. Go! It’s so strange to hold this camera. It would be. I’ll check your reservation. – Are you checking in any luggage? / – Yes. Oh, thank you. – Enjoy your trip. / – Thank you. (They are departing for the U.K. now) They’re taking off now. What’s the highlight of taking flights? It’s the in-flight meal. Here’s your in-flight meal. (Dujun likes Korean food so goes with bibimbap) (Gikwang is on diet so goes with the salad) The in-flight meal is always good. This is called manners. I have to tuck this in my shirt, right? You have to do this. I have to tuck my napkin in my shirt. Thank you for the food. Enjoy. I thought Manchester was a rural area but it’s not. It’s the second largest city. – It’s equivalent to Busan in Korea. / – Busan. I’m really looking forward to this. Manchester and England… I’ll explain more when we land. I studied quite a lot about this. I’ll explain it later. (What kind of journey is awaiting them?) (Incheon) (London) (It takes 12 hours and 30 minutes) (London) They call it the underground. They also call it the tube. – Tube or underground. / – Tube or underground. Family movie? Korea TV show. – TV show. / – TV show. – TV show in Korea. / – Korea. Hello. Hi. This is thanks to K-POP. – Thanks to BTS. / – Our BTS friends. (Wow) – We’ve been here. / – Really? – What’s going on? / – Where we came for shopping? Yeah, I came shopping here. Regent Street. Oh, this is Regent Street. Are you in London now? Yes, we are in London now. That must be a shopping street. I think that’s probably a department store. (Regent Street) (You can experience the London vibes here) (A popular place among tourists) We’ve come above ground from the underground and it feels so good. Look at the double-decker bus. Wow, double-decker bus. I would think the bus would tip over. That’s really high. That’s the symbol of London. That’s so beautiful. The thing is… Europe has a sense of romanticism in the winter. Yeah, there’s something romantic about the cold. It’s cold but still beautiful. How did they make this look so good. – It feels like… / – Regent Street. It doesn’t feel like we’re shooting. I feel like I’m on a real trip. (It’s time to depart for Manchester) (Euston Station) Finally. – We are… / – Yes. About to leave for Manchester. To Manchester. But we just arrived in London. The name of our tour is HighMan. – Yes, Highlight. / – It’s not HighLon. – Right. / – We’ll head to Manchester. – Are you going straight there? / – How will we go? We can take the high-speed train. The distance between is about 300 to 400km. It’s about the same as Seoul to Busan. It takes about 2 and 30 minutes by train. – 330km is actually Seoul to Busan. / – Let’s go. I think they probably used Virgin Trains. From memory, the tickets aren’t that cheap. Transportation does cost a bit. – Transportation in Europe. / – It’s expensive. It’s nice and cozy. It’s nice and warm. When else would I ride the KTX in England… – At the age of 29? / – That’s right. This is nice. Even though it’s dark. It’d be nice to ride this during the day. (They can’t see anything as it’s pitch-dark outside) (This is the view they would’ve seen in the afternoon) (The train ride to Manchester on a snowy day) (That’s beautiful) Let’s travel for 2.5 hours on this train. I want someone to hit me, so I can pass out. (Dujun and Gikwang fall fast asleep) The time difference… – I was so tired. / – The jetlag got to us. Europe has the time difference that’s most difficult… – To overcome. / – You’re right. (They still look handsome in their sleep) (The first night of their journey in England passes) (Manchester) (What is their first itinerary in Manchester?) (HighMan Action Tour) (Museum of Science and Industry) We are finally… – Here in Manchester. / – That’s right. – Today is the action day. / – Action Day. Action. What do you think of when you think of action? When it comes to action… I think of action films. – Like “Kingsman.” / – Right. When I think of action, I think of energy, that’s what comes to mind. This is Manchester, right? Our Park Jisung of Manchester United. The oxygen tank of Manchester. – The oxygen tank. / – Energy. – Having two hearts. / – Right. Two hearts. What are they trying to say? What’s going on? Right. Two hearts. – The heart is the engine. / – Engine. Engines are Museum of Science and Industry! That is where we’ve invited you. Great job! – I knew it. The intro was long. / – Dujun is amazing! Manchester is the city where Industrial Revolution kicked off. I heard there are a lot of great museums so I thought… – Sounds good. / – We could visit there. – We can… / – Yes, good, good. We could study… – Fill our heads with knowledge. / – Of course. Yoon Dujun must’ve studied a lot. Yes, he knew a lot. I only studied lightly. (Museum of Science and Industry) (A museum consisting of 5 exhibitions) (Built on railway and have experience facilities) The museum has about 5 exhibitions. – That’s big. / – It’s really big. – It’s free? / – There’s no entrance fee? – Yes. / – Why is it free? It showcases England’s national power and… – Scientific technology. / – That’s right. It’s a way to show the foreigners their achievements. – That’s why it’s for free. / – There’s so much to see. If you look here… – Air and Space Hall. / – Air and Space Hall. It’s truly energy… What is that? This is huge. (Ta-da) (All sorts of planes fill the space up) I really want to visit that museum. Wright Brothers. The Wright Brothers made this. First… First flight. Wow, seriously? This is it. The way he’s carrying that camera… Dujun loves looking at exhibits. – It’s a suicide plane. / – Yeah, a suicide plane. In the cockpit. Where is the other propeller? Is it in the back? – Is it on the tail? / – Just one engine? Light airplane. That one… Wright Brothers. We can press it. We can press it. – That looks fun too. / – What is that? – What is this? / – Isn’t that a gaming device? There’s an experience space as well. What is that? You can experience it. Yeah. Fly 360 degrees? – Oh, this. / – Isn’t that it? This is modern VR. VR is fun. We become a true pilot. – There’s wind too. / – Yeah. We get to fly a plane. It’s a 360 degree flight simulator. Should we try this then? Let’s go then. – Seriously. / – I can’t wait. Let’s try it out. – Go. / – Let’s go. Have a good trip. Have a good trip. What is this? It’s VR but they’re not wearing a headset. There’s a screen inside. – A whole screen? / – That’s from the outside. We get scared easily. What if we get sick? If you look outside… – You can control it yourself? / – Yes, yes. Who’s that? Who’s that? Pull the stick. (He’s moving the stick) (Wobbling) (The machine moves too) Turn it. Hey, what’s going on? Wait a minute. Dujun’s eyes look so funny. Hey, wait a minute. What is this? What’s this? – Here we go. / – Pull up. What is this? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. – That safety device… / – This is how they edit it? – You must wear a safety belt. / – The editing… It actually spins like that. It spins. It’s not like the flying games you play at an arcade. You’re right. Oh, hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute. Hey, hey! – Blood’s rushing to my head. / – Wait a minute. Wait a minute. – Blood’s rushing. / – So suddenly… (Focused) – Right? / – That’s why it’s 360 degrees. You’re right. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Oh, my goodness! Hey, hey, hey! Don’t do that. Wait a second. – That looks fun. / – It’s different from regular games. What? It’s over. It’s over. That was a fun time. It’s not that much but it really looks fun. I’m dizzy. We came back alive. I feel sick. Thank you. Did the machine really rotate? Combat pilots have a hard job.


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