Early Years Foundation Stage: Children play at being travel agents

It’s towards the end of a term
during which this class have learnt about Japan. We join three
in the travel agent’s role play. – Is that… Does that say “open”?
– Yeah. They look to each other for help, like confirming
the reading of the sign. How do we write your name? OK. J – A – Wait a second. J – A – And… And a… And a… Calum is secure to ask for and get
support from James to write accurately. What day are you going on? Monday. But there is an administrative error. That’s Monday. Um, could you change your mind
to go on Wednesday? Because I was writing…
I was about to write Wednesday. OK, Wednesday. Calum explains naturally
and with clear reasons engaging James’ attention
with his openness, eye contact, and clear gestures. Choose. Eve sifts through the pictures
of available excursions. That Mount Fuji. In Japan. Um, in the afternoon or the morning? In the afternoon, please. The agent progresses the deal
skilfully, tying details down. His efficient assistant picks
reference material to help James decide on a mode of travel
to Mount Fuji. You have to say questions. Calum makes appropriate records,
reading them back to his customer for affirmation. James. Wednesday. In the afternoon. Seeing Japan. Look in the book. The right one is Mount Fuji. That. I want to go on
the bullet train to Mount Fuji. Right. OK. Let me just call the coach firm
and see if they have a space. James is decisive and communication
with the coach firm can be clear, friendly, polite and relevant. He wants to go on the coach, to the bullet train and
the bullet train wants to take him to Mount Fuji. You think you could do that? His questions clearly summarise
the request. Is there a lot of space on the coach? Oh, good. There’s two spaces. Calum is obviously delighted
that the arrangements are going smoothly for James. OK, bye. Wait, I’ve got to call
the bullet train man. Sensing completion, Eve writes
the ticket for the excursion. Oh, hello. Four more customers
want to go on the bullet train to Mount Fuji. There’s ten spaces? Oh, good. There’s ten spaces. James is amazed. Even more spaces on
the bullet train than on the coach. – What… What’s that?
– Mount Fuji’s trip. The ticket is safely
with the happy customer and for all three, the fruits
of their year together are obvious. So, can I go now or not?

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