Eco Travel – Tour of the President of Ireland’s Organic Garden in Ireland

I am Shawna Coronado. And something really exciting has happened
for me today. I have been invited to the Presidential garden
in Ireland. I get to see the back end tour of the garden
itself. And what is really exciting is that it is
organic. And it blows my mind.
I can not wait to go see it. So I am here right now with Managing Director
of Glenisk. Which is an all organic company.
Vincent Cleary. Organic is your thing.
I want to know more of what I am to expect at the Presidential garden.
Well, I think you would expect to see fruit and vegetables that are produced and clean
of pesticides, herbicides, artificial preservatives. So chemical free!
Chemical free. So free from.
That is organic. I think, ultimately I think that the President
will be impressed by how good that food tastes as a result.
I am very excited. We are getting ready to go right now.
I can not wait to show you all the organic gardens out of the President’s mansion.
Wow! I am standing out in front of Mary McAleese’s,
the President of Ireland, beautiful home. And we are going to go on a tour of her garden.
You are coming with me. How much fun is that?!
Here at the President’s garden, you can see the beautiful, lush greenery.
And guess what? It is all done with natural fertilizers.
Natural fertilizers and organic fertilizers would be considered rotted manure.
And the type of compost that you get when you re-compost your food materials in your
home. It is a
wonderful tip and a wonderful idea. Get some compost out there and some rotted
manure in you garden, just like the President of Ireland uses in hers.
Having a garden is great. For mental health and for your physical health.
It is a great way to feel better, get exercise, and do things outside.
Right now I am standing in front of this glass house that they have restored.
And it, the benefit of this is the chefs at the Presidential mansion can use the fresh
vegetables and fruits that they grow here all year long.
To provide food for the residents and guests of the house.
There is a root planted beneath an arch. The reason that is very unusual is they are
letting the roots develop outside and spread deep here.
So, the plant that is attached and going up the side of the greenhouse there, will be
able to get quite large. And healthy because it will have enough roof
space to do that. And this technique, it was developed in the
eighteen hundreds. It was really a Victorian technique.
And obviously built right into the greenhouse. So it is an interesting idea and I have never
seen it done before. Um, but it certainly encourages fresh fruit
to grow all season long. So all year long really.
Listen to the birds. You can hear that there are a lot of birds
here. And a lot of insects here.
And it really is a haven for them because it is an organic area.
So if you want to attract birds and insects in to your garden, then the best way to do
that is to go organic. This is the potato section and what is really
cool about it is that they have this special system of weeding.
So, if you look carefully at the potatoes you see, here is the potato and here is the
weeds. But what happens is, the potato grows and
spreads and it kills out the weeds in between. And it saves the gardeners a whole lot of
trouble because they get the weeding all done that way.
And guess what? It is also all organic.
So this whole section of vegetables, all the fruit that grows here.
All organic. So what is supplied for the house is really
chemical free. And that is so important when you are talking
about being healthy. So, coming to the President of Ireland’s
home and getting see her garden. Very fabulous!
I have seen tons of fresh vegetables growing in an organic area.
It is absolutely beautiful. And organic is where it is at.
We want to see, we want to see more of that. I just wanted to show you this incredible
garden. All organic, all beautiful.


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