English Speaking Lesson – What is different about Travel, Trip, Journey & Tour. –English Vocabulary.

Hi friends I’m Sonia and today we are going
to do a lesson on travel. Well yes if you are a traveler, if you are someone who travels
a lot, loves exploring places. however when you talk about your travel experiences, you
confuse certain words related to travel, journey, trips, etc. well then you need to stay tunes
to this lesson coz today we’re going to clear off confusion between travel, trip, journey
and tour. We’ll learn exactly how to use these words today. So let’s not take up any
more time and let’s get straight to the board. Now the very first word I have for you is
travel, isn’t this a very common word? Well yes it is. However the word travel can be
used in three different ways. Let’s see how. Now firstly what is the meaning of travel?
Travel basically means to move or to go from one place to another. Okay so let’s note that
down first. So to move from one place to another. You could say or you could say to go from
one place to another. Now travel as a word can be used in three ways like I said. The
very first, as a verb. So if you look at this sentence, Sam travels a lot. Over here travel
is used as a verb. It’s an action where Sam travels from one place to another. Okay
so here it’s used a verb. In the next example, travel has become easier these days. I’m sure
you agree, with the different means of transport now. Over here, travel is used as a noun.
Alright, and then the third sentence, I know of a good travel agency. Okay, can you tell
me what does travel over here represent? Well it shows an adjective. Okay, so here travel
is used as an adjective. You may ask why? Well that’s because over here, it tells you
what kind of an agency I know of. I know of a travel related agency, okay? An adjective
tells you what kind so I know of a travel agency. So all in all travel means to go from
one place to another place. It can be used as a verb as you see here, as a noun and even
as an adjective. Plain and simple. Let’s move on now to trip. So what is a
trip then you’ll say? Well a trip basically is just a short journey. Alright it’s a very
short journey. It could either be for business, like if you’re a working person, you know
you have to meet clients, may be across cities or if you’re a business person or you may
just travel for pleasure. Like I mentioned initially if you’re a traveler, like you exploring
places. So you go on trips, short trips. So basically it’s a short journey. Alright that’s
what a trip is, a short journey, either for business or pleasure. Let’s look at the
first example; we went on a trip to Greece. Alright, so here this could be possibly mean
that you went on a trip for pleasure; you were on a holiday, so you went on a short
trip to Greece and the next one here, the next way that you can use trip. My boss is
always on a business trip. So here it’s very clear that my boss is always you know travelling
on short trips, mostly for business reasons. So very simple, a trip is mostly a short journey,
either for business or for pleasure, alright. Let’s see what we have here then. Now I
used the word journey just a few seconds ago, right? So what exactly is a journey? A journey
is the actual distance that you cover when you travel. so say for example, if during
the holidays, I wanted to travel to another city, alright which was maybe say you know
200 kms from my city, just hypothetically. So obviously I have to cover a physical distance,
that physical distance that I cover or the time that it takes, all that is termed as
your journey, alright. So just to note it down, it’s the distance covered while travelling.
Okay it’s the physical distance that you cover. So let’s look at the first example. It’s
a very common question that we ask, right? How was your journey? So say if you’ve had
some relatives who have visited you recently or may be some friends who have come to meet
you and they’ve come from a far off place. Maybe they’ve you know come by flight for
example. So it’s very common to ask them, hey how was your journey? Why are you using
the word journey? Because you are talking about the distance that they covered, the
time that it took and may be even the transport that they used. Just to ask how all of that
was. So how was your journey? And then the next question, how long is your journey to
work every day? Well some of us are lucky; we have to make a very short journey to work.
Some of us you know take a long time to reach work but that’s how it is. So how long is
your journey to work everyday? Which means what is the physical distance that you have
to cover? Is it you know 5 kms? Is it a 2 km journey? Something like that. So how long
is your journey? So remember journey is the distance covered while travelling, as simple
as that. And then finally, we have tour. Alright so
what is a tour really? This is a word that would use mostly; you know when you are talking
about visiting many places. So say you know you have these holiday packages where you
travel throughout Europe and you travel throughout different parts of the world, so what happens
then, is that on a particular trip you would cover many different places. You would visit
many places and you would do a lot of sightseeing, see a lot of different cities for example.
So a tour is like a trip, however it’s mostly used when you talk about a holiday and it
involves different places. Alright so let me write that down. A tour basically includes
visiting many places and it’s mostly on a trip or on a holiday. So if you look at the
first sentence, it says we went on a tour to Spain last year, which means that we visited
Spain and we probably visited a lot of different places within Spain which are famous and which
normally people visit. Over here if you noticed, tour is used as a noun, alright. So again
tour can be used in two ways. As a noun and as a verb. So over here, it’s used as a noun
and if you look at the second sentence. It says I toured Europe with my friends. That
a really great thing to do and toured here is used as a verb, of course it’s the past
tense of tour. So I toured Europe with my friends. So again tour simply means visiting
many places on a particular trip, alright. So here’s how we can use these four words
travel, trip, journey and tour. They all mean different things. Just to do a quick recap,
travel going from one place to another, trip is mostly a short trip, either for business
or pleasure. A journey is the distance that you cover while you’re travelling and tour
mostly when you talk about visiting many places on a trip, can be used as noun and can be
used as verb as well. Alright well this brings me to the end of
the lesson and I hope that you’ve understood exactly what these 4 words mean. Make sure
that when you use them in your day to day conversation, you use them correctly, alright.
I’ll be back soon with something more interesting, till then you take care of yourself, goodbye.


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