Epic Deep Freeze Solo Tarp Camping Got Dangerous!

I got home. I got in a nice warm shower. Spoiler alert, I lived. However, I had just posted a video about a
week ago demonstrating for 2 hours in zero degrees, how you can cover yourself with your
sleeping bag if you’re really cold, and breathe into your sleeping bag. I got a whole bunch of comments on an earlier
video, (I’ll post a link to these), but this is important; that I explain this because
I think I might have given some incomplete advice, perhaps some bad advice, so I went
out when I knew it was going to be cold and I camped with the minimal amount of gear that
I travel with in early spring and late fall. My winter sleeping bag is inadequate, I could
go for a much thicker sleeping bag but its so bulky when I do that. I travel around on my bike stealth camping
and I’ve gotta have a limited amount of bulk, not weight, the bike is carrying a lot of
the weight and my legs are strong. But my channel, I have a vision for it, and
that is every video is timeless. It goes up and its not topical and life moves
on. Fifty years from now, these videos regarding
how to camp, how to stealth camp, how to do it safely and smart, the tips I’ve learned
over all these years of doing it, are still going to be relevant. So people can still search, they can still
pull these videos up and I want the information to be as accurate as possible. BECAUSE there are Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
and there are people, they want to branch out from camping in a trailer or an RV to
actually getting deeply into nature. That’s what I do, I go out alone and I, uh
this time, in the video you’re about to see, I camped with just a tarp and my fall equipment. I knew it was going to be inadequate. But I wanted to do this video as a followup
to the other 2 videos I mentioned: One is Cold Snap Hacks for Camping. Over 60,000 people have seen that. What that is for is if you wake up on a camping
trip freezing and suddenly there’s been a cold snap and you are unprepared and you’ve
got to finish out the night at least. What are you gonna do? What actions are you gonna take? So I gave those 10 different steps and then
I went out recently and because the weather report said it was gonna go down from 52 degrees
and then have a hard rain and then drop down to a low of 20 degrees. I thought that would be a good test for all
the cold snap hacks I had put into that video. So that’s what this video is about. However I got in a very dangerous situation
and I found out something about breathing into your sleeping bag that you should know
about. So watch the video. I’m glad I’m safe and warm. Here’s something really funny: I was laying
in my sleeping bag and I took my coat, rather than wear it, that would have been kind of
uncomfortable in my sleeping bag, I put it over my face. As I was in the sleeping bag so that it was
a buffer to the 30 mile an hour wind and what happened was, the vapors I was expelling were
freezing on that coat. And so, here’s what happened to my coat: Its
still frozen. Look at that. And you cannot put a coat on like this. Its wet, because your body heat… I’m mean, I’m sorry. It has all that frost on it. Because the body heat will melt the frost,
and then you’re out of luck, aren’t ya? Yes you are. Because you’ll be in a wet coat. So I had effectively made my coat almost useless
by doing that. So that’s why I wanted to make another video
and explain that so that no Boy Scouts freeze to death. I got standards. Well, the wind is steady and strong and I
set out this afternoon and its 50 degrees. Its going down to 21 tonight. There’s rain coming and you see the remnants
of snow. So, I’ve decided that this will be my campground. I’ll utilize the tree. I’m going to set up so the opening to my tarp
is away from the wind. The prevailing wind is this way. You can probably hear it. So, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m on state
gameland. Camping legally. For free! Its called Dispersed Camping. I’m dispersed out into the woods. Takes care
of that “Widow Maker”. Tying a taut line hitch. I’m trying to make like a 3 sided tent out
of this tarp and I used some debris from the ground. I piled it up. Its easy to do, but its wet. Its on the outside of my tarp. And for the time being, we’re alright. Starting to get dark. The Calm Before the Storm, we’ll see how I
fare. I wanted to show you this: see the power lines? They go to somebody’s house way up there. This road occasionally gets a car. We’re on state land in Michigan. South Eastern Michigan about 30 miles from
Ann Arbor. Its pretty remote. What I’m doing now or the reason I picked
this site is its got pine trees. They stop the wind better than deciduous trees
who have lost their leaves this time of year. Also, there’s tons of downed wood. And its up off the ground, most of it and
its small enough diameter that I can use my backpacking saw to cut it if I need to. And so I’m well-supplied. You see there was a forest fire here. But it didn’t get much traction. Burned a few trees but didn’t spread. So, maybe it was a lightening strike that
set a tree on fire and it spread to the dry undergrowth and burned some of this wood but
we know that it happened before this was cut or all that would have burned. So, they have to keep these trees cut so they
don’t fall in a high wind on the power line and cut the power. So, that’s called a power line cut. And it gives me all kinds of resources. I took some of these downed pine boughs that
have some pine needles still left on em and I made like a wind break to hold down the
tent on the outside. And its not a tent, its a tarp. When it goes down to 21 degrees tonight and
it snows, I’ll say, “Dougie, why didn’t you bring your tent?” And the reason is because of the challenge
of the tarp and the challenge of the impending bad weather. If I need to I will call my sister to come
pick me up. That’s the agreement we made. So she knows where I am and she knows that
if I need help I’ll be smart enough to call for it. So that way I can just relax and have a good
weekend. I got two steaks. I got all kinds of food because I was thinking
I might get pinned down and not be able to do anything but sit in the tarp all weekend. Just fine with me. I got tunes. I got stuff to read. I got plenty of food. And I like solitude, occasionally. Its freezing. Its pouring. And this shelter, I’m dry. Look at all the rain, see the frying pan? I’m collecting it. Anyway, this beam is really handy. I’ve lashed up tight with taut line hitches
in several places. Fore and aft. And the wind has been howling. And its been performing so well. So I’m going back to sleep. You can hear the difference? in the sound of the rain hitting the tarp? I think its actually turned to ice and now
its sleet hitting the tarp. Hehehehehe. The wind is kicking around those pine trees. Oh, my GOSH! The water, its, hey I was right! It had turned to ice. This has turned into quite the adventure. Well that escalated quickly. I must have over slept. Alright I gotta get to work. Flippin freezin. I’ll freeze to death filming. I’ll put a link to the Thermarest video I
made. On how to patch your Thermarest. What’s the date on there? I can’t see it. (11/12/17). I’ll put a link below. This is quite a change from when we got here
last night. I’m glad that shelter I whipped up is doing
so well. Well, the situation got a little dicey. I think I got it under control now. The wind just kept shifting and shifting. See the pine tree? How snow is stuck? And then its stuck from the other side cuz
its been difficult to deal with. But I did. I’m gonna fry me up a steak. That’s what’s happening now. So, things can’t be too bad,
if there’s steak. Wait! Let’s get some salt. My blood pressure’s getting a little low. Oh yeah Oh yeah. Hoump! Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm! That little alcohol stove does a fantastic
job! See that? I’ve had that for many years. (5)
I know its gonna save my bacon today. I don’t want to build a fire. And its not an efficient way to stay warm. And I’ve got a hot water bottle, literally
a glass Prego jar that I brought. And use the alcohol stove to heat up a frying
pan full of water, put it in the sock. There it is. I keep it down in the basement and it throws
heat into the sleeping bag. Just like I have an electric blanket on. So that is fantastic. Works anywhere, anytime and its working today
for me. I’m so glad. Back to my steak. It went from 52 degrees the day I came here,
it was raining, I didn’t have time to prepare for a freezing winter camp and then and plus
I didn’t have the equipment. That’s alright, I’ve got my little triad stove. Plenty of fuel. But I’ve had to rig the tent all different ways over the last day and night because its gone down to as low as 4 degrees? And snow and 30 mile an hour winds. I have been trapped in the sleeping bag. Every two hours roughly, I get out and fill
the stove with alcohol. And melt some water. This was snow two hours ago. And then I get it to a boil and put it in
my jar, tighten that up and put it in my sleeping bag. So that’s my little Dynamo, keeping me from
freezing. Also, this is what happened to my coat. I was sleeping. My head was here. I was exhaling the sleeping bag for long enough. Look at that. It froze. So I shaped it into a shelter. But now my coat is frozen. Also I did a video on this: Can you breathe
into your sleeping bag without getting it soggy and then freezing to death? In this sleeping bag the answer is yes you
can. I did it for 2 hours and I’ve done it for
what? Almost two days, day and night. Two days and nights. Out here at my camp. Anyway, so, the deal is, that really is dependent
on the material. Now this must, it says, “Waterproof”. This jacket I’ve got, and it must have just
had a waterproof outer layer that wouldn’t breathe. So my freezing breath, look at that. That’s cold. And that’s also dangerous. Now I don’t have a coat. There’s the fire I layed out, thinking maybe
it would get rained on. Even if I was well-equipped, it would be difficult
in this situation to build a fire because of the hard rain that turned right to sleet
and then to snow. So everything here is not only saturated,
but its frozen with a coating of ice and then snow. So, but if I didn’t have my stove, I’d be
in trouble. But I do, I’ve got my stove and my wits and
it’ll be alright. Not as easy as it looks. Gotta make sure… Yeah, its all dirty. I been reusing the same water. The wind’s been howling and dropping junk
all over my … …
… my frying pan full of melting snow. Tying to get comforable. Lean back this way and I’m thinking, what
am I leaning on? Oh, its my FROZEN coat. That’s how solid this thing is frozen. Alright… and here’s dinner. Its coming early because I don’t want to cook
in the dark. I don’t see well in the dark. I got flashlights. But they’re little. You can see my steak froze. Its the second one of this trip. I’ve been living on snacks but right now its
time to put something hearty in me. I’m melting the top of my whatever it is. Plastic. Pine cone residue on it. And, I’m feeling comfortable enough… Oops. Feeling comfortable enough to dig out the
bag of wine. Its steak and wine time! I don’t have a wine glass so I’ll drink it
right out of the bag. Almost ready for my steak dinner. I put a little wine in there to de-glaze the
pan. So delicious… Heading into my third and final night. In my makeshift tent. Its nice in the sleeping bag when the wind
isn’t blowing or it can’t get to you. And the hot water bottle is in there. But otherwise, its not nice. Its going down to 6 degrees, coldest night
of the whole shebang, I guess. And, I’m a little nervous about it, actually. Cuz it really is difficult to wake up every
2 hours shivering cuz the bottle is no longer hot, that happens every 2 hours. I sort of run in place in the sleeping bag,
get my wits together and then heat up some more water which means I’ve got to exit the
sleeping bag, at least partially and that is
super-painful. And it takes a long time once the water is
hot and back in my sleeping bag to warm up so, that’s uh
not the ideal, but it is making it through. And I will. And I came out here for the challenge and
I got one. I got more than I wanted, I had no idea it
was going this cold or windy. And consequently I haven’t been able to get
out, put on my boots, put on my coat and figure out a way to configure this tarp so that its
stopping more wind and keeping me warmer but its not happening. So I will get by. I’ll head home tomorrow and
take a nice hot shower. And all will be well. Its like being a coal miner in a cave in. Its very tight quarters. Everything you do you gotta do it with one
hand. There’s my water bottle, I’ve got to keep
it in here. I’ve got all my extra clothes out or on, providing
insulation. We’re barely hanging on. But we are. Gonna make it til tomorrow. Here goes! Look at all the frost. Okay, Dougie! Quickly now, Dougie! C’mon Dougie! Where is it? There it is. So cold… C’mon! Good. C’mon! Open! Oh, geez. Whew! Whew! C’mon. Oh, Doug. That was terrible. Hey, we’re under pressure here! Six… Whew… Frozen! Hah! C’mon! Its frozen. Sorry, pal, you gotta die. Gotta die quicker, I’m freezing. There we go. That’s what’s sposed to happen. I’ll have to kill another box of wine. I’ll get started after my warm shower, which is happening. Its a go. Live and learn. The reason I didn’t wear these is they got
burrs on them. So as I was gathering firewood I got a bunch
of burrs on me and then it got dark and I couldn’t pick em off and I didn’t want them
in my sleeping bag all weekend. Now they’re frozen. Yep, frozen. Oh, man. C’mon. There we go… …into the frozen boots. My fingers are going numb. So I’m having trouble. This still rollin? Yeah. Tarp is coming down.


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