Eurovision contestants visit Israel ahead of popular song contest

It’s a great honor for me to be here in Israel. It’s my first time, and look at the view. Jerusalem is amazing. I love it a lot. Israel is awesome. It’s really, really beautiful. This weather is ridiculous. We don’t get this weather at home in Ireland, at all. I’m just delighted and greateful to be here. All the people are really friendly,
and it’s an amazing country so far. Yala balagan! I’m so happy to be in Jerusalem,
this was always on my bucket list. And I must say, that Jerusalem is
just, so beautiful. Right now we are standing
in front of the crying wall, It was one of my biggest dreams to see this. So much history in here, and
I’m very excited to be here. We wrote a note, put it in the wall. For our
good wishes for the Eurovision contest. An experience on a whole new level. It’s so awesome! We love Jerusalem,
we love Israel. We love you all! This is my second time in this wonderful country, and I feel blessed. Today I’ve been to the grave of Jesus,
so this is an amazing feeling. We absolutely love Israel.
This has been an amazing trip. I just turned 25 today. I’ve been
spending my whole birthday in Israel. And I’m so so happy. I love the vibe,
I love the city.

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