Evolution Travel Scam | Tip For Evolution Travel

hey there to Nathan Lucas and your own
this video because you’re researching a company called evolution travel well in
this video I wanna give you a tip that I wish someone had told me when I first
joined in the network marketing industry so right off the bat I want to clear
things up and say that evolution travel is not a scam it’s not a pyramid scheme
it’s a legitimate network marketing business now I’m not affiliated with
evolution travel but I am within the network marketing industry and when I
first came into this industry I made a list of my friends and family my warm
market list and i actually expose people to my business like I was supposed to do
and when I ran out of people to talk to I became frustrated so what I did was
actually printed off business cards and I went to the mall right and i actually
approach people at the mall and I gotta say that was really awkward and people
are there to shop and they didn’t want to hear about my business so I stopped
doing that and I brainstormed a little bit and then I thought to myself okay
what’s next so what I did next was actually decided
to become uber driver I thought at the time it was a genius idea and I went to
process through the process to become an uber driver i actually became an uber
driver and I actually drove people around for about a month hoping to grow
my network marketing business and at the time I thought I was genius I thought it
was a great idea but it actually turns out that people that I gave my rides to
and prospect they just wanted to go from point A to point B I had nobody who was
actually interested in my business so I continued to be frustrated and at this
point that’s when I turned to the internet and that’s the tip that I want
to help you with and that is that I was able to come online in find a system a
system in place that helped me right and I was able to start generating
leads interested prospects who are already interested in what I had to
offer ok and to this day I am now able to
generate daily leads people who are already interested in what I have to
offer their reaching out to me every single day and I gotta tell you it’s a
lot better than driving her right so the tip is I want to help you I want to show
you this is exactly what top earners are doing to grow their business and I’m
really glad that I ended up finding out how to do this because it’s been making
things a lot easier I’m finally getting people contacting me coming to me about
my business and that’s exactly what I want to do is help you and show you
exactly how you can do the same thing so below this video you’re gonna see a link go ahead and click that link and I want
to show you exactly how you can get started growing in building your own
brand using the power of the Internet

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