Exclusive Agent Benefits: Industry Connections

[Music plays] Hi, I’m Bill Coyle, I’ve had my own travel
agency for over 25 years and we joined KHM Travel in 2016, so we operated for decades
without a host agency. Relationships are so important in this industry. Even for an experienced agent, the benefits
of partnering with a trustworthy, well-respected host agency gives me opportunities that I’d never had before. For instance, relationships with travel suppliers
like cruise lines, airlines and resorts are vital to your success as a travel agent. Just to get your foot in the door and start
booking with these suppliers, you’ll need to show that you have travel agent credentials,
including IATA, CLIA, and ARC numbers. On your own, applying for these credentials
can be expensive and time-consuming. By partnering with KHM Travel Group, you’ll
have access to our credentials for booking, and be in a better position with suppliers. Because of our collective buying power, they
know who KHM Travel Group agents are! We also have close connections with industry
organizations that provide agents with even more ways to get immersed in their profession
and reach potential clients. For instance, KHM Travel Group is one of 30
premier agency members with CLIA. Along with issuing credentials, CLIA offers
tools to help agents learn the cruise industry inside and out with online resources, innovative
marketing tools and invites to cruising events and trade shows. We are also a premium member of the American
Society of Travel Agents, or ASTA. ASTA is the world’s largest association
of travel professionals and a leading advocate for both agents and travelers. I’ve personally been involved with ASTA,
both locally and nationally, for over 20 years. It’s been one of the best ways for me to
stay in tune with what is happening with the travel agent community As a host agency, we make it a priority to
promote ways that agents can get connected with their local ASTA chapter and have their
voices heard. I also want to mention Travel Leaders Network,
which is an international network of travel suppliers that KHM Travel is a part of. Being connected to Travel Leaders gives you,
as agents, even more inroads in the industry, and even more buying power with suppliers. Travel Leaders also offers agents some awesome
tools to get themselves in front of potential clients. We talk so much about places when it comes
to travel, but this industry is really about people and relationships. Each of these relationships that KHM Travel
has already established for our agents adds to their credibility and opportunities that
are available to them. If you have any questions about our industry
connections, please contact our amazing Memberships team They’re here to provide you with guidance
as you get started in this exciting industry.

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