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Oh hey,CBC Kid’s News,
I’m Jessica. I play Lena in
Find Me in Paris
and I’m gonna take
you on a behind the scenes tour
of the set. My name is Lena Grisky. I’m a Russian princess
from 1905 and I go to the Paris Opera Ballet school. When my boyfriend Henry accidentally sent me
spiralling through time. It’s magic. It’ll keep you standing
at all times. ♪ ♪ Lena: I ended up exactly
where I started. Only in the 21st century. ♪ ♪ This is where we
get our hair done. ♪ ♪ This is my room. This might be a bit messy
but I actually just put up these posters, one
of them fell down. I feel like I belong here. -I was actually in my final
year of college and part of our program we had to
do like an internship. I was basically the
coffee girl at auditions. I met Jill and Lori,
the writers of the show. At the end of the first
week of auditions Jill and Lori just kind of turned
to me and we’re like, “Do you want to audition
for the lead?” And I was like, “Wait, what?” Obviously like freaked out. Was super excited
and prepared all weekend. Then Jill called me on
FaceTime, she called and the casting director that
I was friends with and they FaceTimed me and told
me that I got the part and obviously I just cried. Okay, now I’m going to take
you to the courtyard. And this is really cool
because it looks like we’re going outside but
it’s still part of the set. If you look up ♪ ♪ So it’s all fake. Shh. It’s not actually
begun yet. So it’s all a big trick
that we’re playing on you. And this is where we
always exit the courtyard but it leads to behind
the set which is cool. My mom is like
my best friend. So it’s hard to
be away from home. But I did…I actually moved
out of my home-home when I was 16 to go to college. But then it’s a whole
different game when you travel across
the world you know. And for six months at a
time like I don’t get a break to come home. The cast that I get to
work with become my family and honestly they make it
so much easier for me to be away from home. You can tell
on social media but it’s not for social media. You know, like we’re
even much closer than what we portray online. And and for that I’m
really, really grateful because I think it would
be extremely difficult if I if I was in a situation
where I wasn’t close with my cast mates. Being so far
away from the family for like half of
the year, you know. Eubha, Castle… ..thisCBC Kid’s News.CBC. Hello CBC. Hi, CBC Kids News. Kids News. Oh, CBC News. Castle is also
a fellow Canadian. Hi. Eubha is a wannabe
fellow Canadian. I wish I was Canadian. ♪ ♪ I’m Scottish
though, Nova Scotia. Right? Okay. [crosstalk] Yeah sure. Yeah, I’m kind of
a fellow Canadian. You’re basically
Canadian. Jessica: Yeah. This is where we like to hang
out on this little blue thing. Jessica: Yeah, mine
and Eubha favourite spot. ♪ ♪ Okay, next I’m gonna take
you into the cafeteria. Matt our director had us just
write whatever we wanted as our characters
on this board. So I was in season
one with Hiran and Rory and Hannah and Eubha
and Castle and I we just wrote all over this and it
has not been touched since season one. My stuff I think
is over here. Pineapples. Jete. A pizza. This is supposed to
be Lena and… [chuckles]Why pineapple?Oh, Lena is obsessed
with pineapple, as you know if
you’re a true fan. We’re all ballet doubled. Like a couple of us are
obviously trained in dance, like I’m trained in dance. Erm, but we, like we’re not we’re not Paris Opera
prima ballerinas. You know,
so they film in wide, they’ll film, erm, our doubles, they’ll film, erm, just
the likes of our doubles, especially when
the girls are on point. Like what they don’t
really like us to go on point because we could easily
injure ourselves, and you know we have to play,
we have to be safe and our dancers are
absolutely incredible. As you see on the show, they
make us look amazing. So this is the girls
bedroom and a fun fact about this room is Eubha
and I filmed our very first scene right here in
this room and which also happened to be our
audition scene. And it’s the one where
Ines is helping Lena get ready for the block party
on the roof. So that was really,
really fun to film. We were very nervous
that day but also super excited. We spent a lot
of time in here. Eubha and I sleep a lot
during sleeping scenes, honestly when they’re
changing the shot we’ll fall asleep on those
beds – they’re really comfy. I hope you
enjoyed the tour. ♪ ♪

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