are you excited to go kafao (hang out)? Qatif is an ancient settlement that holds thousands of years of history dating back to 3500 BC. A fort to several middle eastern battles. Today, Qatif is predominantly home to shi’a muslims and many isolated monuments. we missed the Thursday market which is on Saturday don’t ask me why okayyyyy the name is Thursday market but it’s on Saturday anyways we missed it so.. sorry is there a seafood market? we are searching for it ohh cool it should be around here let’s ask someone peace be upon you where is the fish market? thank you okay legit we’re at the fish market.. I can’t I can’t.. I legit can’t like I can not I can not I can not go in there omgosh omgosh what? *dying* it smells so bad and we’re not even inside the fish market we’re outside it smells so bad that is terrible (it smelt really bad guys) gosh.. it smells so bad.. so we bought a fish from the seafood market and yeah.. it didn’t smell too bad inside but outside smells soooo bad how come you’re coughing? the smell what smell? I think it’s gonna be with us for awhile because I think my shoes smell and I think my abaya smells now too Tarout castle was built in the 16th century BC inscriptions and mesopotamian God statues that date back to 4300 BC were discovered on the grounds of which the castle was built on destroyed during battles and now neglected the historical fort is blocked off for archeological purposes Qatif is home to several old villages as you can see the architecture of these homes is full of character they have withstood centuries as many are are still in use till this day this door is so small it’s literally literally like a metre high it’s so tiny so cute and this one too it’s like a metre high hi hi are you excited? are you excited to go kafao (hang out)? we’re going kafao (hang out) how many degrees is it today? or right now? 39? I so wish I could go inside Abdul Wahab Pasha Palace was constructed in the 16th century AD it was home to poet sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab and was famous for his literature and hunting pearls in the waters of the Arabian Gulf The people of Qatif were known to be farmers, fishermen and traders fishermen and traders being the most significant trade port in the Persian Gulf for centuries hi hi booboo hi Abu Loza’s Turkish bath is studied to have been established in the 3rd century although still unidentified dug by the Canaanites, built by the Ottoman Empire the sulphur mineral water was said to help cure skin diseases and athritis customers mostly being local traders and pearl hunters again another historical landmark secluded and blocked off for archeological purposes so it’s closed for archeological for safety reasons I think cos he said the government closed it because kids are going down apparently there’s a pool.. a big pool.. *which is the Turkish bath* lol so yeah for safety reasons it’s closed by government we ended off our afternoon at the fruit and veggie market and made our way back to modern day Saudi Arabia


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