Facts about russia. Facts about Russian Holidays

Russia is one of the absolute world leaders in the number of holidays and festivals right eight state holidays evening fall on Saturday or Sunday they may be moved to weekday defined by the government and also all citizens are entitled to a 28 day vacation that periodically allows Russia to get the title of the lazy country totally the Russians have more days off in a year than citizens of any other country I will tell you about our eight public holidays new year in Russia is celebrated on the 1st of January the first day of gregorian calendar people greet the new year with champagne and listen to the Kremlin chimes which net midnight there are lots of new year traditions in Russia in every home there is a new year tree glittering with crowd lights and decorations children always wait for for the straws to come and give them a present in Russia Christmas is near celebrated on the 7th of January thanks to the Russian Orthodox Church that his made at an official quality in the country today Christmas is celebrated in the country in a grand fashion with the faithful participation in all nightmares and churches there are so many people don’t eat meat eggs or milk from few weekends before Christmas and it’s customary to fast until after the first church service on Christmas Eve Christmas Eve dinner is Middle East but Festival a typical Christmas dinner includes delicacies such as hotels pie and mid dumplings the most important ingredient is a special porridge called putea the traditional ingredients of live are real barriers which symbolize hope and immortality and honey and poppy seeds which ensure happiness success and peace the booty is isn’t from a common dish to symbolize the unity 23rd of February was annually celebrated as national holiday they deserve it army and navy after the Soviet Union collapsed Russian people continued to celebrate this day as a day of military war on Russia initially this day has great meaning to love and to honor our fatherland and if necessary to be able to defend it the 8th of March International Women’s Day historically we celebrated the achievements of women in the political economic and social fields the modern celebration of Women’s Day is considered the day of springg female beauty tenderness wisdom and mental attention for a woman in Maharashtra the first of May is celebrated as the holder of spring and a labor in the USSR the first only was a holiday of job in today’s Russia the holiday has lost its original political nature it’s estimated by some media that for most citizens of the country this day is just material for Festivus additional day off and the beginning of summer cottage season the greatest national quality in our country is Victory Day on the 9th of May 1945 our army completely defeated the German fascists and the Great Patriotic War ended will now forget our grandfathers and grandmothers who died to defend our motherland we honor their memory with the minute of silence and put flowers on the tone of the Unknown Soldier on the 12 of you shown 1990 the first Congress of people’s deputies of the Russian Federation adopted the Declaration of state sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic the day of Russia is one of the youngest qualities it’s considered to be the symbol of national unity and common responsibility for the present and future of our fatherland people’s unit today is celebrated in our country every year on the 4th of November since 2005 this holiday established in honor of an important event in the history of Russia the liberation of Moscow from coalition weight is in 1612

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